Thursday, December 9, 2010

Enjoyed mom in presense of relatives

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I am the only son of my parents. My dad is manager in a construction company at Mumbai. I am completing MBA from a reputed college. I am 24 and mother is 47. I and my mom are like friends. She is very nice looking lady little bulky but she is having very sexy physique. Last April, we had a marriage in our relation. Dad was busy in his work, so I and mom went to attend the marriage at Delhi. We reached Delhi two days before marriage. After a long time we met with our many relatives there and the house was packed with relatives.
On first night at our relative’s home we slept without any problem. But on second day more relatives came and in night it was decided that I and mom will sleep on a single bed because the house was fully packed. After dinner we went to sleep. It was single bed and some more relatives were also sleeping in the room on different beds. Our bed was in front of cooler, so in night I started feeling cold. Mom had a blanket. I said to mom that I also want to come in blanket. She welcomed me and both of us slept in blanket.

I and mom mostly lived alone but it was the first time when we were sleeping on same bed and blanket. After some time my hand went on the stomach of mom. She was in deep sleep and didn’t react. I started enjoying my hand on the stomach of mom. My penis got full erection and I loosed control over myself. I put my hand on the boobs of mummy and started pressing them. She didn’t react first but when I started pressing with force she took off my hand from her boobs. I was enjoying a lot so again I kept my hand on her boobs. She again took off my hand over her boobs. Third time I inserted my hand in her blouse. This time she wanted to get up from bed but forcedly I made her sleep.

There were many other relative in the room and she didn’t want to create any seen so she kept sleeping and whispered, what are you doing, I am your mother. But I was not ready to listen any thing. I was pressing her both boobs and nipples continuously. I was sure that she will keep quite now because we were surrounded by many relatives. This gave me more courage and I started lifting her saari now and put my hand in her saari. She had no panty that time so my hand directly went on her vagina. I felt that it was so bushy. I started rubbing her vagina and public hairs and she was resisting continuously but was not making any noise. After rubbing her vagina nicely I parted her legs with my legs and forcedly inserted my one finger in her vagina. She moaned uuuummmmmmm aaaaahhhhhhhhh and I felt that mummy’s vagina was well lubricated and wet now.

Quickly I took her right hand and kept on my 8” long and 4” thick penis which was fully erected and jerking at that time. She tried to take off her hand from my penis but I kept my hand over her hand and was finger fucking her continuously. I lifter her saari fully up under blanket came between mom’s legs. I put my tongue on her vagina without caring that many other relatives were sleeping in that room. I started licking her vagina and pressing her nipple and boobs.

After a nice fingering and licking session, I came out of blanket and looked in the room and again gave my penis in mom’s hand. This time she holds my penis in her hand after showing some resistance. I looked carefully in the room. Everybody was sleeping, nobody was awaking. Without thinking much, I kept mom’s legs on my shoulder and put my penis on her virginal lips. She tried to resist again but I gave a full strength stroke on her vagina and inserted my penis in her. Mummy cried slowly ooouuuuuuuufffffff aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh and closed her eyes. She was showing resistance but her vagina was nicely lubricated. I gave one harder stroke and my full penis was in my mother’s vagina.

Than I started fucking mom with my full strength and stamina without caring relatives. Initially mom was not cooperating but after getting some hard stroke, she hugged me tightly. I pumped her 4-5 minutes with full speed. Now she was hugging me so tightly and moaning slowly aaaaaaaauuuuuuu uuuuuuuu yeeeeesssssss comeeee oonnnnnn. She was lifting her buttocks to receive my strokes now. Her buttocks lifting speed was also increasing with my pumping speed and she shouted hhhhhhhhwwwwwwwww and got an orgasm. I also increased my speed and filled her vagina with my thick and warm semen. She kissed me lot when I was ejaculating in her vagina. It was very nice for us that it was not known by any relatives. From that day I am fucking mom almost daily. Mom is enjoying with me now. We have experienced all the position.


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this is disguesting. u should not post a story involving son and mom. this is not right.

am from kerala....and i wish i could fuck my mummy like a porn and mummy r in canada now ...there is no one here for me to care....

Fuck you mann..Dint you get anyone else to fuck ??? Fucking your mom ...shit so cheap mann...You should be REally ashamed to perform such an act !! ass hole.. !! >.< sigh !!

Sometimes mommies are afraid of what people will think. My mom was my best teacher, and showed me things I would never learn elsewhere!!

wooww...nice story..fuck ur mom hard

wonder ful;
its a nice storyyyyy... i think u write some more story like thiss

What a filthy story it is !!

i too have fucked my mom and her friends they r too good in kissing and i love them we have fixed days for turn by turn fucking m busym all round the year

Its fake one sex relation b/w mom n son in INDIA.. Show.the proof r dnt write cheap stories.......

Its fake one sex relation b/w mom n son in INDIA.. Show.the proof r dnt write cheap stories.......

Its fake one sex relation b/w mom n son in INDIA.. Show.the proof r dnt write cheap stories.......

one shouldnt write such stories.its disgusting.

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