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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mom needed money

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There was a time when my family of my mom dad and me were rich.I used to go a good school , dad had a great job and mom was a lovely housewife.We used to go out for dinners and movies like every other family

Dad passed away.All the money he had saved was vanishing.We gave up all luxuries.We shifted to a 1 BHK in a down market area.I was transferred to a municipal school.Mom worked as a maid and that was not enough.

Mom still looked great.She was from a good family.But since the marriage was against the wishes of her parents she couldnt go back to them now.She had a good toned body with bulky boobs and a large ass.Where ever she went she was followed by millions of eyes.

Mom used to leave early by 6 in the morning and come back by 7 -8.Her work was very tiring but she had no other option.As soon as she would come back she would go to kitchen and make dinner and then only get some time for herself

She had been cut-off from all her friends of the higher strata.She couldnt face them now.I too made no efforts to keep in touch with my earlier friends.Her life had taken a sudden U-turn.In a matter of months from a rich house-wife she became a maid.

Mom was too sexy for a maid.All her made employers must be staring at her cleavage or large ass when ever she would be doing their chores.Many a times she was called for extra duty.But still we needed more money.

Mom had no social life.She couldnt adjust to this society and therefore had no friends.I still had some school mates but they were few.Her life was plain boring.

One night at around 9 pm , the door flung open.It was the landlord.He barged into the house and started shouting that he needed the rent.Mom pleaded for time but he wasnt ready to listen as the rent was already overdue.

"Savitri , if i dont get the money by day after tommorow , i will throw you out"

Those were his last words.He slammed the door and left.Mom had to arrange for money and fast.The landlord also had some other clients waiting who were paying him better so he was keen on throwing us out

Next day mom didnt go to work nor did I go to school.Mom was under tremendous pressure.She was on the phone trying to borrow money from someone or the other.But no-one seemed to come to her aid.It became lunch time.We had lunch and were preparing to sleep.

There was a knock on the door.It was Usha Aunty.She was old moms friend.Mom was shocked to see her here.Usha Aunty looked at mom and sat down on the floor.There was no furniture in the house.She looked at me and told me to go inside.I went inside but could hear their talks

Usha : Savitri look at yourself.

Savitri : I know Usha.I had no option.My life has become miserable.

Usha : Why what happened?

Savitri : We have no money.We are broke

(Mom burst into tears)

Usha : Calm down my dear.Everything will be fine

Savitri : If i dont get money tomorrow , i will be homeless

Usha : Then i have come at the right time.I can help you

Savitri : How ?

Usha : I have some work for which you will be paid 20 000 rupees.

Savitri : Please tell me more

Usha : Listen to me carefully

Savitri : Ok

Usha : 2 clients of my husband are coming over today and you need to satisfy their needs

Savitri : What do you mean?

Usha : Ok.Il be frank with you


Savitri : I am no slut , usha.How dare you insult me ?

Usha : Im not saying anything further.If you are interested be at my house at 6 today evening

"Take your decision wisely Savitri.Think of others if not for yourself".Saying that aunty left.Mom sat down against the wall engrossed in her thougths.

Mom remained silent.She was just sitting by the wall lost in her thoughts.It was a very tough decision for her.She had to make a choice between selling herself and becoming homeless.

At around 5 , Mom got up and got ready.She wore a sexy attire.I hadnt seen her dress like that since dad passed away.I got my answer.Mom was going to sell herself for money.Surely it was the toughest decision of her life.

As mom was going down the stairs all male eyes were on her.All the dicks stood up in honour of her tits and ass.Mom ignored all that and continued exiting the compound.I decided to follow mom.I knew aunty's bungalow and somehow reached there before mom.

Since i was familiar with the place i entered through the back fence and took a position outside the window looking into the hall.Usha aunty and her husband were present.Their client was sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand

The bell rang.Usha aunty opened the door and mom came in.

Usha : I knew you would come

Savitri : I am forced to do this

Usha : Whatever you slut.Your clients are waiting for you

Mom was insulted but she couldnt say anything.She looked at Usha and then just proceeded forward.She entered the hall where the two men were waiting for her.She came and stood in the centre with her head facing down in shame

Usha : Let the show begin , savitri

Mom looked at the two men.She could see the lust they had for her.She took a deep breath and started.She opened the button her jeans and unzipped it.She was feeling ashamed and was unable to proceed further.

The client : I think she is shy.Let me help her.

He got up and sprang to mom.He checked her out and grabbed her boobs.He squeezed them nicely.He was so desperate for mom that he tore moms top.Mom was shocked.She took a step back.But he pounced on mom and tore her bra.Moms tit sprung into air.He pushed mom on the couch and jumped on her.He sucked on moms melons for 10 - 15 minutes.After eating her tits enough it was time for her pussy.

He removed jeans.Mom was left in her panties.Mom still appeared to be in shock.The bestiality of that man had taken mom by surprise.Mom panties were out in a jiffy.He spread moms legs and started licking her.It seemed from moms reaction that he went deep inside.

The client : Lets do the slut.She's very wet

Usha aunty's husband got up and removed his pants.Two hungry dicks were waiting for mom.The client forcefully inserted his rod in moms mouth and uncle choose her pussy.

The gangbang had started.Mom had cocks in her mouth and pussy.Both the men banged mom hard.I wished even i could join them.Moms body was shaking.Her tits were jiggling furiously due the force of which she was being humped.

Uncle then took out his cock.He turned mom and spread her ass cheeks.He rammed his shaft in moms ass.HE couldnt penetrate moms ass in one attempt.It was only in 4 -5 time that his full shaft could enter moms ass.

Uncle : Usha , you also join us.

Usha aunty also joined in.She stripped off completely.She was also a beauty.Meanwhile the client entered moms pussy.Usha aunty made mom lick her pussy.Mom now even had to satisfy a female.

Usha aunty : Even i want a cock

Uncle : Go ahead.Fuck my wife's ass (to the client)

Both the women were having the asses banged hard from behind.It turned out to be a great orgy.Both the men humped their women for sometime before it was time to cum

Usha aunty : You cant cum in me.Cum in that bitch

Mom couldnt object.Both the men filled her holes with their hot semen.They licked mom and played with her tits before leaving.Mom lay on the floor with cum oozing from her holes.Uncle came and threw 20000 in cash on moms nude body and went inside the room

I ran home and waited for mom to come.Mom came looking tired and i asked where had she gone.She replied saying that there was a small get-together and went in and slept.


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