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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preachers Wife

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Lilly had grown up in a conservative home. Her parents were loving and kind, but never had they talked to her about sex. She was familiar with church and the Bible. She was brought up with those good Christian morals.

Despite her upbringing, Lilly had always felt a desire to have a boyfriend. Her parents didn't like her high school boyfriend, but merely tolerated him. Although she had tried her best to keep her virginity, she soon gave into the pressure she felt from her boyfriend compounded with her own curiosity. Once Lilly had her first taste of cock, she couldn't stop. She felt that she needed cock as much as she needed water. It had turned from a desire to a necessity almost overnight.

Lilly's zealous cravings had caused her to cheat on her boyfriend every time he was not available. When he would leave on a family vacation, or off playing a football game in another city, she would openly ask another guy to help her with her sexual satisfaction. Within the last year of her high school career, she had wildly gone from a virgin to a well experienced cock lover. She had also helped a good number of introverted guys in her class enjoy their first time. It wasn't hard to cheat on her boyfriend. since he was always at football practice after school. He only had time for her on the weekends anyway. Besides, there were plenty of other guys who were willing to give her what she wanted.

Yes, Lilly had become a sexual woman. Even though she had been around the block more than a few times with other guys, and her boyfriend was none the wiser. But, it wasn't her fooling around behind his back that ended their relationship. It was their separate choice of colleges that finally broke them apart. Although he had loved her, he had no desire to follow her to a school that he wasn't interested in.

Lilly's first year of college was quite the party for her. She had invited a random college guy into her bed on that very first night. That pretty much set the tone of her college career. Lilly would fuck any guy who needed it. She figured if a guy had enough guts to come up and ask her for some fun, then he deserved it and she was more than willing to give it.

Then came the frat party. The one that changed everything for her. It was her third year in college, and she was fucking like never before. One particular Saturday night, she impetuously found herself at a party with some unruly guys. After some flirting and some coaxing from the men, she found herself stripping for them. Her breasts caught the attention of a number of previously disinterested party goers. Before long she was surrounded with guys, cheering and jeering.

That night, Lilly ended up with a cock up her ass, one in her pussy, one in her mouth, and one in each of her hands; all at the same time. She was fucked like never before during that party. And those five men weren't the end of it either. Nearly every guy at that party had some sort of sexual contact with her. Either fucking her, or just masturbating and cumming all over her. She even crawled around the room on her hands and knees, sucking and swallowing every hard cock she came to. Throughout her time in college, she had convinced some guys to have threesomes with her, but she had never had so many all at once.

Lilly woke very early the next morning shivering, and naked in a bathtub. Most of the cum that had found itself on her skin had begun to dry up, and her pussy and ass burned with pain. She stood and turned on the shower. She had no idea whose bathtub she was in, nor any clue where her clothes were. All she could do was cry while the hot shower began to cleanse her skin. While she had felt bad about what happened, and her thoughts turned to her parents. She had never imagined she would go this far, to openly offer herself to every cock that was presented to her. She loved men and loved sex, but the night before had pushed her way outside of her comfort zone. She also had no idea how many men had their way with her, as she had passed out in the sight of many erect cocks.

For the first time since her first sexual encounter during her senior year of high school, Lilly had felt guilty about what she was doing. She finally exited the shower, after the water began to run cool. As she walked out of the bathroom, the stench of alcohol poured into her nose. Looking around, she saw guys passed out all over the place. Most had their pants on, or at least pulled up. There were many whose pants were off. And, some who were still completely naked. Lilly tip toed around until she found some pants that fit her, and a shirt that didn't smell too bad.

Lilly left the house, finding herself in a neighborhood that she didn't recognize.

All she could do is walk, and hopefully find a road that she knew. It seemed as if she walked forever. Her thoughts routinely flashed back to her upbringing. "What would her parents think of her now?" She was a super slut, who would fuck anything that moved. This was not in her goals for life. She knew she needed a change. What she didn't know, is that the change she was seeking was just at the exit of this unknown area.

Lilly walked right into a church parking lot as she was leaving the neighborhood. At first, she had no intention of attending until another woman invited her in. Once inside Lilly had met many nice people. She had forgotten what it was like to go to church. They loved having her there, despite her ratty appearance. It was there that she met Dan, a nice and respectful guy, who gave her a ride back to her dorm room that day.

Dan was well on his way to being a preacher when he first met up with Lilly. Their conversation was intriguing and enjoyable during the ride back to her dorm room. Just as he was dropping her off, he asked her out that next Friday night. She knew she would just end up at another party if she didn't accept. Lilly still felt guilty about what she had done the night before, so she gladly accepted.

That week was the first sexless week Lilly had in years. There was something about Dan had caught her attention, and her desire to fuck around with other men had nearly dissipated. That next weekend, they went out on their first date, and hit it off. He showed her respect, unlike most of the men she had hung out with since the beginning of college. She had missed feeling appreciated and unloved.

Nearly eighteen years later, Lilly was now a preacher's wife.
Her image of being a cock craving slut had disappeared. Now she was known for being a loving wife and mother. She was completely in love with Dan, and never had a desire to cheat on him. She had somehow convinced Dan that he had bagged a nice sweet innocent girl, that just had a bad experience at a party one night. She had made a complete change in her life. She was very active in her church community, always willing to help out anyone in the congregation.

Lilly had nearly forgotten about her sexual deviance as a young woman. Her life as a preacher's wife and mother had taken most of her time. Dan was enjoyable in bed, but not very outgoing. Their marriage was always strong. But their oldest son, Eric, had become quite the handful. At the age of 17, his actions began to remind Lilly of her past.

Lilly was determined to have a good heart to heart conversation with Eric about his choice of friends, his choice of music, and his choice of dress. If you had met Eric on the street, you would never guess that he was the son of a preacher man. Lilly had intended to change that. Without a thought about privacy, she had walked into his room unannounced. The sight before her eyes was shocking, exiting, and horrifying; all at the same time.

Eric was naked in his room, his erection reaching towards the sky. He was trying to tame that beast with his right hand, as he was looking at porn on his computer screen. The picture he was looking at was a woman, with a cock in every hole, and one in each hand. Her memories of the night that changed her life came flooding back to her.

Eric's defiance towards his parents had grown enough to blatantly flaunt his bad behavior in front of them. He turned and looked towards his mother while he jerked his cock a few more times. He continued to masturbate in front of her, as if to say, I don't give a fuck what you think. All Lilly could do is watch, as her desire for cock came flooding back, just as it had been before.

Lilly moved herself in front of her son, dropping to her knees. Much to his surprise, she reached for his cock, and lustfully shoved his cock head into her mouth. She polished his cock with her tongue, while he moaned with pleasure. Even though Eric had turned on all the things his parents had taught him, he had yet to find a girl willing to do more than hold his hand. The intense feeling of his mother sucking his cock head while jerking the remainder of his shaft, had taken its toll. Eric's cock shot a hefty load of cum into Lilly's greedy mouth. She couldn't help but to suck it all down. His sweet cum was the first she had swallowed in quite some time.

Eric was physically spent, and sat down on his bed while Lilly continued to clean up his cock head. He had never had any sexual desires for his own mother before. Her religious involvement had always been a major turn off for him. Looking down at his mother now, he had different thoughts. He watched as she licked his cock head. He had never imagined her to be a connoisseur of cock.

Eric's own curiosity had finally taken over as he reached down for a feel of her breast. For the first time, he touched a soft fleshy boob. To top it all off, it was his own mother. The mother who not only allowed him to do it, but also took off her shirt for him to continue to fondle her. The sight and feel of her breasts, along with her cock teasing, brought his erection back to life.

Eric was merely hoping for another fine blow job, but Lilly had other plans. She stood up before his now erect cock, her breasts swayed before Eric as she pulled her pants down. She removed her panties and exposed her nicely trimmed pussy to his view. He had seen a large number of naked women on the Internet. But never before had he imagined that his own, morally pure, mother would be standing naked in front of him.

Lilly motioned for Eric to move, so he was completely on his bed. He gladly complied, not knowing when something like this would ever happen again. Lilly moved herself up on her son. She waved her breasts in front of his face, as she felt his tongue making contact with her nipples. Pressing her breasts deeper into his mouth, she could feel Eric's inexperienced mouth roughly suckle her tits. The suck of his inexperience brought her feelings back to the memories of her high school days, when her boyfriend man-handled her womanly orbs roughly.

Lilly rubbed her dripping wet cunt along Eric's hard shaft, as he continued to ravish her breasts. Her pussy quickly spread its juices along his long cock. She hadn't felt this kind of sexual excitement for years. She moved her body upwards, while moving her hips back and forth. Her hands lifted her hair as she turned her head sideways. Lilly let her hair drop back down, and looked deep into Eric's eyes.

Eric couldn't help but to move his hips in motion with his mother's. The previous blow job his mother had given him caused his cock to last much longer the second time around. He didn't feel the same urge to immediately blow his load. Lilly leaned back down and kissed her son on the lips. She was now so consumed with a lust, something she hadn't felt for some time. He kissed her back as she adjusted her hips to allow him entry.

Eric's cock slid deep into Lilly. Never before had he experienced such eroticism. His cock felt the silky smoothness of her pussy. The wonderful feeling of his own mother was more than he could ever imagine. He had fantasized about finally penetrating a woman, and was pleasantly surprised by the soft feel. Lilly began grinding her hips on her son's cock.

She had fucked many cocks in her past, but this was the first time in over eighteen years that she had been with another man. The thrill of infidelity, along with the newfound thrill of incest, lead her to a climax quickly. She bucked against her son as her orgasm began ripping through her body. Her muscles tightened throughout her orgasm, followed by a quick relaxation. She fell down upon her son, their two chests meeting in ecstasy.

Eric remained hard, as he heard his mother panting. Her orgasm was unfathomable. Her deep love for her own son, combined with her deep hatred for what he had become. She had never considered having this kind of make up sex with her own family. She moved herself back up from Eric's chest looking him in the eyes. She knew that their coupling would cause him to do as she wished.

Lilly decided it was time to submit to him. She rolled off of Eric and motioned for him to take the lead. He moved himself in position and again pushed himself back into his mother's womb. He slowly began fucking her as she stared into his eyes. This emotional connection she was creating with her son had removed all previous defiance Eric felt towards her.

He moved his cock in and out, faster and faster. Their hips rocked in sweet unison. Lilly could feel herself approaching another orgasm. Meanwhile, Eric began to reach his peak. The first shot of his cum splattered the back of her womb, causing her body to hit a second orgasm. With his cock buried balls deep, she bucked against him, as both of their orgasms began to subside.

Eric lay atop Lilly as his cock became limp. He felt himself slip from her. Their combined juices spilled from her pussy as they both caught their breath. Eric rolled off his mother and lay next to her. She reached for his hand and he clasped his hand in hers. For just a moment, despite their relation, they were lovers.

Lilly broke away and stood up. Eric watched as his mother dressed herself. This experience was the most impetuous thing he had ever done.

Before Lilly left Eric's room she finally spoke to him. "Your father must never know about this. And I expect to see you in church on Sunday."


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