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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

True Confession

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name ;- ria
age :- polled for the first time in 2005 elections
sex :- weaker( i think females r stronger) 1st yr

( . ) ( . )---34c / pinkish brown 1 cm nipples mostly erect

) . (---29

( / )----38

fair not gori but not dusky (tan)
shoulder length stright hairs cut into 3 steps
dark brown eyes
5'2" height
55kg( do u think its too much .....)
filled perfectly at the right places and a little more everywher for the fleshy looks....A..ah indeed i like my body ..... and i am proud of it.

i dont claim as all other writers that i am very . perfect 32 24 36 slim gori gori heart throbbing face and all

but with a average face , fuller lips and silk smooth spotless and nice skin texture and with the vitals as stated above i indeed feel i m none inferior to them when it comes to physique and sexyness.... ya i mean it....

i dont find a kilo more or less on my body and i do maintain that ....... if given a option how would i loose 2 kilos of weight i would ask god to take 2 inches from my height ...... rather than a centimeter of flesh from any where......

if i had to add weight i would add 250 gms to my ass cheeks each .(ass cheeks the posterior portion of my ass)...take 250 gms of boneless chicken in ur hand and see what i mean

no more changes do i want to my present body and fits.

1st times:-

i realised the power of woman:- when i was 12 and i first realiesed the change in my bros attitude towards me ......due to the growing skin wiithin me.. he saw.. an exhibition of which i was unaware of.... i was too young to understand that.... but when i did............. i got many things done im my favor by just unknowingly showing him more of my growths ....never allowed him any furthur..... other than accidental voyerism which was a purpousful exhibition from my side.and he was happy of that ( men are fools who think they understand we women)

i saw a dick;- it was an accident when i saw my bro's dick while he was pissing in the bathroom and i entered age:-12

i masterbated: saw a hindi movie Bombay manisha koi and the guy on the suhagbed in white saree (its the most mind struck scean of my life i still remember it all.i donno how many of u rem mk blikking her right eye and indicating his guy to come near him with both her index fingers smiling cunningly) and i on my bed she did an "O" or not i donno but i did it was great ..... learnt to do it from friends who were 2-3 yrs older to me...age:12 it was only my fingers........... u dirty mind.........but now i dont even need my fingers i can mas sitting on a chair with peoples around me just...... putting one thigh above another sitting like a gentle lady and clinging both my thighs tight together and sqeezing relaxing my c lips. (and can take u to the verge of cum only by the visuals of.... squeezing,licking my mouth lips and toung....along with expressions of my eyes.& heavy breathings.....)

i wore a sanitary napkin:age 13... it was not a surprise to me since my mom had xplained things to me very much in advance.

i wore a bra:age 13 size 30 ... it was white...and i never wore a bra or panty other than white color there after... it was really a great feeling wearing a bra for the first time ..... i stright away went to my bro's room and it took only a few secs for him to realise that i am wearing a bra..... it was a delight having he see my new bra under the shirt which was very much transparent.......

i kiss someone:-age 13 class 7 she was my seat mate who usually kissed me and said she loved me ..... i think she had lesbian tiltations.. ..she always wanted to act as boss to me and was very possessive about me .....i kissed her on lips for good 40-45 seconds and when we seperated our eyes me for a nanosecond and i could see the lust in her eyes.... thenafter she became more possessive about me...she did care about me...... but when i came to realise these ...we had already lleft the school.but is a nice girl a good friend and a gentle lady who never forced me ...... she always used to admire my fig from tip to toe.... and in return she got my blushes..which she liked very much...lost contact last year..... if u r reading this pls send me a private message i wanna have fun which u always longed for..we can meet up at the old adda whenever u say... .love

i got fondled:-age 14 class 8.... she was to stay my home since she was my best friend and it was my birthday...... she changed to shorts and t and i to t and panty ( i love to wear that while sleeping a long thigh length t shirt white and cotton panty.. nothing underneath.she praised my fig as usual but today i took it a little differently and i was getting excited by this ....i loved the way she praised me we chatted for quite good time and tehn planned to retire to bed) she had palnned it to stay my home and get me laid .... the moment we were in bed her hands started searching for me in the dark .....she did fondle my breasts i was wet and she offered me her body ....... i did not like her's too much as she was more or less flat breasted.....

i kissed opposite sex:- he was my 3rd cusion raj who claimed that he loved me and wants to marry me i was only 15 then and he was 22..... i got a little carried away with this and even started dreaming about him .... he kissed me once in his home on my right cheek ..... and said i love u... i got worried and told him not to do it again ........... he never........ but still he's unmarried and claims that he loves me........ we r maintaining good relations and when we r alone.........

i gave a blow job :- to raj age 16 ...

i got sucked:-age 16 it was not raj

i shaved down:-age 16 he did not like my hairs i shaved them the very second day and thereafter i keep em trimmed.

i shaved under arms:age 16 the same day

i went to disco:- my 18 th birthday was celebrated in a disco with all my friends... short skirt .. nike shoes ..... tube top... jean jacket front open...... boys after me and me after fun

i went night out with friends:-age 18 went for picinc to goa it was all fun and fun and fun...... i loaded myself with the shortest tightest smallest and skin tight colthes of mines but never wore them at goa ..... spent most of my time in bikini or t shirt panty....

i saw a sex show:- age 18 it was in goa when i saw a friend couple having sex.... i was all wet ...... they were doing it in the room when someone saw from the keyhole and wishpered to someone i came to know only when the act was about to be finished catched only 30-40 seconds of the show...

i fell in lust:- age 18 .....with a teacher of mine with good physique i used to sit in the front row and he used to sweat even in winters..... he was never able to concentrate in teachings due to my was lust not luv ....... he quit of some reasons(not me i hope ...... sorry sir)

i had lesbian exp:- age 18 priya and i made it to disco ... then drinks... then ....hugging .... kissing... one thing led to another finally we were in bed together stitchless ...i think this was my first spontaneous sex i ever has... rest all were more from mind and maybe forceful....something like gave blow job to raj not because i wanted it but coz he might feel good about it ............ i hope u understand what i am trying to say

i like

ppl behind me
especially matured
oongling eyes
wear tight t low waist jeans ... a gap between jeans and the t shirt of not less than 4-5.. which places my deep dug naval right on the centre...... and smooth silky flesh around the naval on my not so flat stomach.. shaking while i walk around with my white nike sports shoes.... while for the one who turns to look on me while he passess me ...... i dont even dissappoint them... i have my half cut apple shape shaking ass with prompt panty lines.... for them to look on ..... i love wearing a bit loose bra ... and from the day i ve grown mentally ......i dont remember i ve ever walked up or down on stairs....yess i do mean it ..... i ve never walked on stairs...... i ve always ran on them......
bouncing my tits like tenniss balls i love the feeling of bouncing titts .... and love to see people's.....oongling eyes...stright on my chest.... there r normally 3 kind of viewers
1.whose face turns blank when they sees such things...and keep staring silently...
2.who looks on you and again looks at u while their wives look at them..
3.who comments.. or show u to his friends

i like the 1st types they r not harmful..... i love teasing them.... where as they can have a eye feast of my body....

fav attire:- chania choli... backless 3 string.low neck showing good amount of my clevage and i wear those cholis without bra (that doesnot mean bouncing boobs tight fits) i ve 3 of them
and maroon

normally i wear em once in a while in social and ethnic functions as they need a lot of make up and preprations time... but is worth wearing them ....where the show normally continues with guys trying to come closer to me for this or that context( some to see me/my clevage from near/my flat back/ my dick raising ass / or my mid riff / or the well dug deep belly button....) and ends with some erect dicks and blanck faces.....
most comfortable in
skirt a little above knee
tight t shirt erect nipples
sports shoes ,,,
all whites mostly
if i am sitting somewhere i make it sure that the person sitting opposite to me get a decent view of my thighs and white panty if possible.... if i walk i make sure my tits are giggling ..and my nipples r poking onto my t shirt.... making a prominent mark ....i donno how many of u would beleive this but i ve a couple of t shirts which has taken my body shape ... my midriff is be visible everytime and one should haave the vision of my belly button.... ah i love it .....its so nice round deep and the fold of skins ...... ah .. priya used to tell me these things...

i dont remember that i ve spent even half an hour of my life ... without thinking about sex or exhibition if i am awake...i am not a maniac ...its just that i am confessing....and you r a hypocrate......

what do u want?
each and every aspect of my life can be elaborated into pages..
choose the aspect u wanna listen to(one at a time)
i will write upon the aspect requested most
post ur replies/request on this thread
dont send me a private message
no offensive languages
u can ask me anything on fsi thread and answers will be posted here only.
i dont have an yahoo id( i dont like the idea of chatting)

i am a vergin.....i will gift this to my hubby
i am looking.......
who dares.......


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