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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

wife fucked in marriage

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This story is abt my wife Sunita who is 30 yrs old housewife.She is very sexy looking .Specially when she wears red saree , anybody seeing her will get hot.Her fig is 36-28-34, 5'3",long hair.juicy balls.And the other person involved is my friend Pradeep.
Pradeep is also married ,has a athletic body .he is aged 32.Among my friends he is most open with me,we even talk abt our sex life . How we did last night ,whats our favourites .And also abt our wives.And he will sometimes even joke let us exchange our wives.I would say it would have been nice but none of the females will agree.Then he will make erotic remarks abt my wife.And as time passed his remarks started to become dirtier.Now in such discussions he will rather call my wife as a maal, sali ,kamini.He even once told me make my wife his pvt slut.And I never protested .He even challenged me , see Sandeep , I can seduce your wife anytime but I am not doing so for our friendship.Otherwise I will make her nanga and fuck her chut wholenight , suck her nipples and sali your wife will scream for my lund.
Another thing is that on Pradeeps instruction I started to roleplay with my wife in nights.We will roleplay abt our friends,abt her sister,my bhabhi,neighbours,strangers.And everytime he meets me will ask what new roleplays we played.He will say he played the role of my wife and they both enjoyed much .And ask me whether we roleplayed abt him or his wife or not.When I said no , he insisted to do it and tell him how she liked him in fantasy.But before that could happen came my brothers marriage.
Now the main part of story is my brothers marriage which was to be held at my native place.My friends also joined there including Pradeep.We Have booked a hotel for the marriage and the top floor was allotted to my friends,my sisters and brother-in-laws .And to take care of them me and my wife also took a room in that floor.It has only four rooms.On the marriage day our BAARAAT was to go to Raipur which is 60kms from our town.So we all went there.We were enjoying the reception there.That day Sunita was wearing a red Ghaghra-chunni and the chunni was transparent and her cleavage was very much visible.She was really looking like a maal.It was difficult even for me to control myself.And my friend pradeep told me yaar aaj to sali ekdum maal dikh rahee hai , dekh sali ke boobs jaise sab ko dikhane aayyee hai.Sali ko itna hi dikhane ka shoukh hai to pura dikhane bol na.But someone called me and I went away.Meanwhile she was chitchatting with females and the topic was mainly sex.The local ladies were elaborating my wife abt extra -marital relations going in our native town .And those topics seemed like our fantasies coming true for her and she was getting hot listening to these things.And now it was time for us to leave except the groom , his father and some other senior relatives ,grooms friend .They will stay till the completion of all rituals.While we were almost ready for our journey , my dad asked me to stay there.but my wife has already started in another car with 3 other ladies.But as she has the keys in her purse and other members of our family will be there so I saw no problem in that.
WHen Sunita reached the hotel she went to other guests room 1st to see if anybody needs anything and to her surprise found she is the lone lady in there. ANyway she now returned to her room and spread herself on the bed.She opened her saree pin and let her chunni fall down .Her boobs were peeping out and she closed her eyes.But Pradeeps eyes were wide open , watching her through the key hole.And sunita with her closed eyes was thinking of the discussions in the ladies room abt sex.And the thoughts were making her hornier.She even heard someone from the brides side pass a lewd comment on her.Then she recalled that she has wore a blouse with back-buttons and she cant open it without someones help.SO she came out of the room to find some lady who can help her to open the blouse, becos it was not possible to sleep with the Silk blouse on ,bcos it will get torn as silk is very vulnerable fabrics.ANd she met with Pradeep who asked her if she needs anything.She said No thx, and went to the down floor but to no avail.All she could find was 2-3 waiters who also eyed her seeing her alone.So she came back . Pradeep again asked her if she needs anything but she hesitantly said no. Seeing her hesitation Pradeep thought better grab the opportunity .ANd he said I know what you are looking for .She surprisingly looked at him .He came nearer to her and said you need help in changing your dress . Isnt it?
Now she was hesitant to say yes or no.
Pradeep: Sunita you have to open the dress or it will get ruined ,and it is very costly too.
Sunita: Koi nahi hai kya
p: comeon , sunita i will be honoured to do this.
S: but .....
P: dont worry , you can put the lights off.
S: hesitantly agrees to do so.
and they entered the room .then she said pradeep pl kisise batana mat.
P: baise to main nahin batane wala tha par fir bhi guarantee chahiye to kimat deni padegi.
S; kya?
P: i will change your whole dress and also one kiss.
Now sunita was getting a cold shiver running through her body thinking of getting naked in front of his hubby's friend and giving him a kiss was far too much burgain for her. But she was in a dilemna to get her costly matching silk blouse torn . Pradeep also knew she wont agree so easily , so he changed his plan . He said O.k. sunita as you are wife of my best friend and in a way my friend also so I dont want you to rush in this matter .Take your time and think . in the meantime I will bring 2 cups of coffee from the G- floor as the coffee machine is on and its cold here.
While he was gone , Sunita was thinking what to do?And as a pious marwari wife she decided not to succumb to his demands .She will ask him just to open her buttons and leave the room or she will sleep with the blouse on.She was also getting afraid of Pradeeps entry in the room , if anyybody watches him to enter in her room so late in night . But she thought all the rooms are closed and no one will come out in such a cold night.While she was having such thoughts ,Pradeep entered the room without even knocking and Sunitas pallu was on the floor as she was trying diffferent ways to open the blouse herself .For Pradeep it was an aweful sight .Here was his dream lady showing her full cleavage and his lund was getting erect seeing sunita's boobs.And he thought in his mind after drinking this coffee (mixed with stimulation tablet ) she wont be able to resist herself.She will come in his arms. He will kiss her juicy lips , bite on her nipples , fuck her cunt hard. While sipping coffee sunita was thinking how Pradeep will again put his demand and how she has to defend ,she was in such a dilemna. As she herself has brought him in her room , he is her guest , now she was afraid of him .She cant even say him Get out of my room .But He wasnt talking anything , just staring at her expressions. He was closely watching her face and monitoring how the tablet is reacting.Sunita wanted to see what he is doing ,looked up towards him . When her eyes met with his eye , she shyly again lowered her eyes.Every seconds now looking like an hour for her and she eagerly waited for his first sound , his first time asking her to carry on .And as the coffee was going in , she again started to think differently . Now unaware to herself her mind was thinking he is a nice friend of his hubby and she was hoping if she can get a promise from him he wont do anything silly.Now she was thinking the way Pradeep wanted her to do.Ab bo soch rahi thee ke usko kahegi blouse kholke uske gale se night gown daal de aur uske baad uske saree aur petticoat ka nara khole.Aur usko ajeeb si feeling hui jab usne socha ki woh uska saree aur petticoat bhi kholega.Fir usne socha woh apne gown se jaldi hi apne aap ko cover kar legi. And just then she realised that she has finished the coffee and while she bent to put the cup on the table , Pradeep got another nice view of her boobs.Then to her surprise Pradeep got up and turned towards the door. She was just abt to call him back and tell him that she is ready to get her dress changed and also allow him a kiss. But to her relief he locked and came back.Again the feeling of his locking the door and coming towards her gave her a stimulation.
Now she was eagerly waiting for his 1st step.She was thinking how it will feel when he will touch her 1st time.Pradeep came close to her and grabbed her arms and asked her to stand up. She now started to obey him like his own wife . Now they were standing face to face but she was unable to look up.But he wanted to get her more into the game. So he asked her to look into his eyes. He asked her , Sunita this is 1st time someone will kisss you na.He was trying to make her feel longer that he is going to kiss her.He asked her again where you want me to kiss you.
S: Where you want?
P: you have any favourites.
S: no such
P:Let me see myself which is your sexiest part I can kiss you.Saying so he started to touch her here and there, caressed her arms , toy with her fingers .
P: darling your boobs are most sexy so I will kiss there Saying so he even placed his hand on them .
She gently removed his hands. while she was removing his hands He thought I am going to feel them nude darling . Then she said no I am not going to let you kiss there .
P: Then P seductively whispered in her ears then where you like to be kissed . Where you want to feel my lips on your skin . Feel someone else than your husband first time. You will love them . If we get erect feeling someone else than our wife why wont you girls, I assure you will like it. Biting her earlobes lightly he again asked her tell me where you want to be kissed.
S: she shyly replied gaal pe le lena.
P: he then said we are both grown up and married too, do you think I will be satisfied with this.
S: fir kahan chahiye.
P:if you allow me on your boobs then 1 kiss will do , otherwise I will kiss you on your lips twice.once it will be me kissing you and next it should be reciprocated by you darling .
while they were having such talks P has placed his hands around S and slowly he was pulling her dream lady closer and closer.and although he was gently caressing her arms and back , she was not aware of it.But his caressing was doing arousing feeling within her .
S: pl gaal pe le lo na.
P: why you are making late, there is no options to you . Now say boobs or lips.
S: she also wanted to get rid of this quickly so she agreed to lips as she didnt want him to grab her boobs.
P: Darling make it a 2 way affair so that we finish soon.Otherwise I will start again . You know how to respond to lips kiss, my friend has told methat you are terrific in lips kisses. So make it that much hot , kiss me as if I am your lover.
He then grabbed sunita and hold her tight. “oh God it’s a dream that came true so easily.” Pradeep thought having the voluptuous body in his possession. “Oh God He is built like a hunk.” Sunita feeling first time the hug of a man other than her hubby. His both hands were roaming around the strong ass of Sunita and he was holding them tight.
“Chalo bas Jaldi karo”
“Bas ek minute.” And with that pradeep brought his one hand behind Sunita's head and kissed her full on her luscious lips and sucked her lips thoroughly like there is no tomorrow .He continued like this for 3 full minutes.Sunita never had such a long kiss She controlled her panting somehow .Her body was trembling and she took support of P and let her head rest on his shoulder to regain her breathe.But more than the breathe it was the feeling inside her was disturbing her.She knew that Pradeep is like a hunk and she is getting weaker feeling him .She knew that when P entered his tongue inside her mouth she has voluntarily let him do , rather she wanted him to do so.She knew she is waiting for him to order her to kiss him . Pradeep was delighted and now know that she is now his babe he can have her any way he wants. He also realized that she is just another unsatisfied rich woman who after a good nice fuck by a big dick like he has will always remain to be his private bitch while his lallo husband is busy .
As soon as S regained a bit of her postures , she straightened herself and moved away a bit from Pradeep and now her back was towards Pradeep.He was staring at her back particularly her ass and thinking how it will feel to fuck her ass too.And as he didnt want to waste time, he grabbed her from behind , his hands on her waist.He knew exactly where to caress a lady to get her aroused. So he put his hands on exactly at the point of her petticoat and he lowered her petticoat a bit to get skin to skin contacts.It sent shivers in her body.He started to caress her there for a while and pulled closer to him .Now his cock was pressing against her ass and she was getting 1st feel of his erect cock.And she was thinking its bigger than my cock.Pradeep was rubbing his hands on her waist and his mouth was closer to her ear, nibbling on it. His mouth trailed to her neck planting gentle kisses. She gasped as his hands moved from her hips to cup each of her breasts.Her stiff nipples were telling him that she is aroused now.S also knew that if she cant stop him now she wont be able to do so. So she meekly uttered , Pradeep pl open the hooks.P asked seductively Darling r u in a hurry to get undressed.Still you need to kiss me.S again said Pl leave me alone now.P asked what happened dear. R u getting horney.R u feeling something?
S: what?
P: in your back?
P:what is it?
Sl leave me alone
S:your ....
P:your what?
S:your cock.
P: tell me in Hindi darling
S:tumhara lund
P:chuv raha hai kya
S:hmmm haan
P:is it bigger than ur husband.
S: yes
P:how can you say , tumne to abhi tak dekha bhi nahin hai mera lauda.
S:nahin chuv raha hai na usse hi pata chalta hai.
P: ekbar hath me le ke dekho na. saying this pradeep left her and opened his chain and took out his big 8"lamba lund. she needed no 2nd invitation to touch it.She grabbed it in her hand and murmurred my god its huge.
Pradeep then said dont worry it wont hurt you.caress it , it will grow bigger.and while she was caressing pradeep opened her blouse and bra and threw it away like a rubbish.And said SALI tere ball to dikha , mera lund to dekh li tu.Sunita was a bit surprised in his calling her sali but she wasn't caring anything now.P now knew that she is ready to be fucked.
He was slowly unfolding the folds of her saree near her navel and his deft fingers now unfastened the strings of her petticoat and it was pooled at her feet. She was now standing nude and his hands continued to pull and squeeze her breasts, nipples now rock-hard as they stood out proudly from her chest.

"I bet you're dying to get fucked now,aren't you?" He whispered in her ear.

"No...Pradeep, for God's sake...

"I bet your cunt's on fire and is making you a liar, pradeep said, sticking his hand between her legs and feeling the dampness of her pussy hair. "It's again damp all right."

Sunita groaned as he slithered a middle finger into her tight little cunt-hole. With a desperate effort she tried to tear herself free from the hands mauling her body. But pradeep only increased the speed of his penetrating finger and squeezed her tits savagely.

At last she was led to the bed and he pulled her gently down.

"No...I don't want this," she groaned, refusing to look as pradeep's soft lips kissed up the inside of her thighs.

Her whole body jumped as she felt pradeep's heated wet tongue licking moistly on the inside of her straining thighs. She tightened her hands over her pussy, making a desperate moaning sound. she could feel the nipple of her clitoris becoming large and erect as it swelled under his finger. she tried to hold his hand there over my pussy to protect it from the hotly invading tongue of pradeep. Undaunted, praqdeep's tongue licked on and on, attempting to force it's wet way between her fingers and causing little electric thrills to sizzle up and down her spine.

The more the tongue probed, the harder she resisted, realizing with a shock that her struggling was causing a greater, more uncontrollable excitement in herself. pradeep's tongue began darting around, probing for a weakness. She, in order to prevent him, kept moving her fingers. The desperate defensive movements only served to intensify her lewd pitch of arousal. her hotly moistening cunt was now dilating around her fingers, her weak moans increased as pradeep's burrowing tongue found the one unprotected corner of her wetly quivering pussy and slowly forced her fingers to the side. A second later he was licking lustfully while she gritted her teeth.
suddenly she became aware that he has also opened his pants, his undies.
He was standing now with his monstous cock in obscene readiness in one hand.he was jerking his lust-inflated penis back and forth in his hand. She knew what he wanted...but it just didn't matter. She coursed her eyes over Pradeeps thickly distended cock, held like a red-hot poker in his hand, and swooned with rapture at the deftly licking tongue bringing a wild joy to her now hungrily flaring cunt.

Pradeep sat down at the head of the couch and brought his hips on a level with her head, rubbing his long throbbing cock back and forth, just inches from her gasping lips.

She was out of her mind with lust now. Her trembling wet lips parted, taking in the entire blood-engorged head, then closed softly around it.

she began sucking harder, wanting to get more of pradeep's cock in her mouth. She responsively drew in her cheeks, holding the base of his rigidly pulsing cock with one hand .
"Mmmmmmmm...aaahhhhhh," she moaned around pradeep lust-thickened hardness.

With a curse, pradeep broke free of the wildly excited woman and crawled to the foot of the sofa. she moaned "Fuck me."

Then pradeep withdrew his wetly glistening cock and shifted his weight until he was between her legs. She could feel his hot, impatiently throbbing cock slowly parting her saliva-matted pubic hair and pressing against her greedily pulsating cuntal lips. Now it was her time to be fucked,she thought , almost delirious in her happiness and desire. pradeep made one smooth thrust which rammed his long thick cock far up into sunita's warmly clasping cunt.

"Oh, yes,pradeep, fuck me, fuck me hard...I can't wait any longer...I need it so bad," she cried, cupping my friend's tight-clenched buttocks and pulling him deeper into her cock-hungry pussy while he kissed her hotly on the mouth.He continued this to and fro motion at various speeds and various poses for a long time.And then suddenly she was cumming..." God...I'm cuummmmmingggg," she cried as she fell back on the couch, her spasming pussy still clenching and unclenching around pradeep's wildly pumping cock. Then she felt him thrust deeply into her and stop, his cock spewing rope after rope of hot cum deep into her, and then it was over and pradeep rolled weakly from between her thighs.

A short time later she finally came to her senses and quickly went inside the bathroom. As she was closing the door she glanced back to see pradeep starrting to nibble once again on his cock, which was slowly starting to stir.Her mind was a confused jumble as she thought to herself, "He has given me real joy.Now I have known what wild sex is." Then Pradeep spent half an hour with my nude wife in his arms and promised her for move wild action later.And then he asked for a wild kiss and my wife sunita readily gave him the kiss of her life.The kiss of full satisfaction , the kiss of real lust , the kiss of real love.And pradeep went to his room and while leaving he was thinking how to have a wild session with her.And he was drawing a plan to make her a real slut wife , to enjoy her in his group, he wanted her to perform in a wild party wholenight.
Friends wait for it , it will come soon .ANd also how he roped me in this too.


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