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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A night with My Aunt and Uncle

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I am rosie living in chennai with my teenage son. My husband was transfered to calcutta two years back and I am in chennai as we do not want to disturb my son's schooling. I can to write to you about an incident in my life, happened when I was 22 and still unmarried. Once we went to visit my aunt and uncle for few holidays in coimbatore and that particular day, my parents and my sister went out to another relative's house for a visit. I could not go as I had a headache. I stayed home with my aunt and uncle, we had dinner together. Then, we chatted for a while and my aunt started yawning and said to her husband'shall we go to bed, I am very tired'. He said 'ok' and they made sure that I was doing ok brefore going to bed. My auntie was around 35 and my uncle was three years older than her. They were good looking couple and they have two kids( both kids went out with my parents that day). I was sitting on a sopha cum bed, reading a magazine with a table lamp on the side while they went to bed. Their bedroom was near the bathroom which is two rooms after the room I was sitting. I read for a while and then, I felt like going to bathroom as my bladder was full. As I left and walking towards the bathroom, I could see that my aunt's bedroom door was a little open, with very dim light. I heard a little bit of moaning sounds there, and felt embarassed and curious. Anyway, I went into the bathroom and sat down to pull down my salwar to urinate. Then, I started hearing more moaning and sounds of struggle etc. I got too excited-- I never had sex before and I was still a virgin. But, hearing all that, my pussy started getting excited and I held my urination for a few minutes and concentrated on these sounds and trying hard to picture what was going on in their room. I heard more noises, sounds of excitement, 'ooh' aah' kinds of sound from my aunt and my uncle's voice saying' is it good? Is it hard? U like it? (in tamil). That made my virgin pussy so excited that I started looking down at my pussy in the sitting position to urinate. I started rubbing my pussy slowly and I noticed that it got sticky. At that time, I did not know that pussies get wet when excited and it is a good sign :-) sounds were getting louder and I started playing more with my pussy and started inserting one finger for half an inch inside-- and it was heavenly. I started thinking how excited it would be to have a man's penis there! I felt embarrassed at that thought. I poked around my pussy a little more, and when my finger was still inside, I got too excited and my bladder got too full, and I pissed right onto my fingers with great force. That gave me lots of pleasure and relief. After washing my hands, I walked back and stopped quietely at their room. There was still the dim light and through the cracked door, I tried to see something. To my surprise. I saw my uncle on top of my aunt, pressing her boobs and fucking her, while she raised her legs in the air and was panting. She had her petty coat on and looked like they pulled it up to fuck her. Then, he shuddered and held her tight for a few seconds and then, climbed off her. I saw him wipe some stuff with his lungi and looking at her proudly. She was about to pull her petty coat down, but he stopped her. He asked her softly to lift her both legs up--together, put a pillow under her butt. Then, he knelt before her and started licking her cunt in that position. She was groaning louder now. Then, he stopped and started putting his two fingers in and out, in and out first slowly and then fastly. She was panting and she started shouting' ooh, aaah, oh my god, rama'. He was saying' shhh---don't forget, rosie is there'.
She stopped shouting and both of them looked at the dracked door and for a second, I got so scared to caught. They saw me and I started slipping away quickly. But I heard my aunt's voice "rosie, is that you?" I did not say anything. Then, my aunt said, 'it's okay rosie. You are not a little girl anymore. You need to know about these things well in order to enjoy well when you get married'". And my uncle said, "rosie, come here". I walked very nervously to their door and opened it a little bit. Both of them were sitting on the bed and my aunt asked me to get closer and sit on their bed. I walked shyly and did what she asked me to. Then, my aunt asked me if my parents were thinking of getting me married soon. I told her that they would do it after two years as I was still doing my M.Sc. My aunt and uncle asked me to relax and sit comfortably. They made me sit in between them, while both of them sat next to me on my each side. My aunt started touching me gently on my thighs through my suit. My aunt asked my uncle also to touch me gently and make me feel less nervous. She said, "tonight, your uncle and I will give a real love-making lesson. Don't be shy-- just leave everything to us and you will learn to enjoy". My uncle started rubbing my neck, shoulders and his hand stopped at my breasts. They did not remove my clothes though. I felt electric shock when he started touching my breasts gently and then, he started squeezing and pressing them. My mind started floating and my heart was pounding, I tried to push away his hands. But my aunt asked me to just let him do it and asked me to enjoy it. To my surprise, I started wanting something more-- I did not know what. Then, my aunt put her hand on my thigh and started moving it further down. I squirmed , but she made me lie down slowly and parted my legs and started pressing my inner thighs gently while he was playing with my breasts and stomach. Then, suddenly, she started rubbing on my pelvic region, giviing gentle, yet firm strokes and oh my god! My pussy started throbbing and I started really enjoying and felt out of this world. I started getting excited and restless, my aunt asked me gently to take off my clothes as it was humid and hot. Without waiting for my answer, she and my uncle helped me gently in removing my salwar and kameez. I felt shy and curled up in the bed, covering my face. I still had a 'new look' bra and a pink coloured panty on. My uncle started caressing my hair while my aunty was touching me all over my body. I got a little relaxed and got excited more when my aunty rubbed by stomach near my navel. My uncle put his face near my neck and started kissing and nibbling my neck, throat and ear. I started moaning, and feeling shy. I never experienced anything like this feeling before... It was very strange, but I wanted something more. I did not know what and I felt as if I was floating. Then, my uncle turned me to the side and unhooked my bra--i covered my breasts , but allowed him to pull it off, anyway. Then, he pressed my breasts while I was still on my side whereas my aunt started rubbing my butt and putting her hand on my naked butt through my panty. I squirmed and turned face up. My uncle, then started squeezing my nipples and be bent to take one breast in his mouth. He started sucking it while holding and pressing the other one. He was a dark man with moustache and I enjoyed his rough moustache on my breasts while he was sucking them hard. I started moaning 'ooo, amma', ' ohhh. Ummmm'. Then, suddenly, I fely my aunts palm touching the most secret part of my body! She put her hand through my panty and was touching my naked pussy directly-- I was startled, but mu pussy started pulsing too. I tried to push away her hands, but she put her hand back saying. ;rosie, it's okay. No need to feel shy. Just relax and enjoy this wonderful feeling. ' And then, she poked my pussy a little bit more, put her one finger inside, twisted it and said, 'ohh, rosie-- you are enjoying all this". She took her hand out of my pussy and brought a finger to my uncle's nose and said to him, "balu, look at this finger, it is soo sticky. It got wet with our rosie's young cunt". My uncle knelt forward and held her hand and smelt it, he took that finger in his mouth and licked and said, 'heavenly. My aunt said, 'oh my balu, while you were sucking my finger, my cunt is getting excited again". Then, she put her finger in her own cunt, pushed it in and out for a few times and asked me, 'untill you have real sex with a man, you should try to have some fun by putting your fingers inside sometimes". I did not tell her that I did play like that manytimes. My uncle pushed my aunt back on to the bed and kneeled between her legs while she parted it wide for me, started putting two fingers and licking her clit (i did not now that it was very sensitive part). I was lying next to them, watching all this and I wanted their mouths and hands all over me. My uncle licked and licked her while pulling in and out his two fingers out of her pussy. He rolled her over, her buttocks were exposed now. He asked her to kneel down on four legs, moved to her rear end. He parted her buttocks wide and started started licking her pussy from behid while insering a finger into her anus! She seemed to enjoy that a lot, she was pushing her pussy and anus more and more into his face. She said, 'balu, slap me'. He slapped her twp times on her buttocks and she started pushing them more towards his face. He licked more of her pussy and then licked her anus too (i found it very embarassing, though). Then he inserted one finger in her anus and one in her pussy and moved them in and out and in and out... She started shouting and shouting and screaming. Then after a few thrusts, she looked relieved and stopped panting. That was all strange to me. Then held my uncle's hand lovingly and said, balu, I love you'. Balu smiled and winked at me. I was about to get up and then, my aunty proposed that I should experience that feeling she had experienced just now. Then, they started caressing, kissing and pressing me all over again and I could not continue like that. I wanted something more-- without thinking, I pulled away my panty too while my uncle was touching my pussy mound. They were surprised, but liked it. My uncle and aunt, both came closer to my pussy to have a good look of that in that dim light. My aunt rubbed my whole pussy with her palm and said 'balu, does it not remind you of my fresh cunt that you deflowered on our wedding night?". He said, 'yes, sneha, but rosie-- please do not worry. We will not deflower you. You can keep your hymen intact. On your wedding night, with all the experience you gain tonight you will give your virginity to your husband only' it felt good to hear that as I was scared of losing my virginity before marriage. At the sametime, felt disappointed too as I wanted to experience everything. My uncle took over and he parted my legs more. Then, he started kneeding my clit, it was totally exciting! He started shoving his finger a little into my pussy and turned it round. I pushed my pelvis forward. My uncle said, 'good girl'. I was going crazy and I wanted something more. Then, I noticed that my uncle too was naked, there was no lungi around him. My aunt said to him, 'balu, why don't you get up from there for a few minutes while I play with her cunt. And let rosie have a good look at your manhood'. She asked me 'rosie, have seen very close a man's powerful organ?'. I shyly nodded my head to mean 'no'. My uncle was standing on his knees on the bed, he held my head and came close to me and showed his manhood! I do not have words to explain how I felt in that moment. I was embarassed, excited, tense and did not know what to do. He held his dark manhood in his hand and asked me to touch it, smell it and feel it and do whatever I wanted to do with it. I was hesistant.. My aunt asked me to hold it while started playing with my juicy cunt. I was already floating with this new excitement and I touched my uncle's manhood lightly with my hand and he shoved it forward and I caressed it and held it in by both palms. I started rubbing it up and down, while examining it. I was feeling more and more excited as my aunt was licking my clit and I had a hard, dark penis in my hands for the first time in my life! I also noticed that his penis was surrounded by lots of hair. I did not know that men too had pubic hair like us! My uncle asked me with one hand on my breast, 'rosie, dear, want to see how it tastes?'. I was shocked. But he said, 'rosie, it is very exciting. You are getting excited when licked on your cunt. The same way men get excited by that and some women too start liking it so much that they suck on it like ice ream. In fact, sneha does not get good sleep if she does not suck and lick my penis'. I held it close my lips and kissed it, it grew bigger with my kiss and I felt a drop of some liquid on the edge of his manhhood. I wiped it quickly-- he told me that it was the same sign of pussy getting wet when excited. I noticed that my aunt had lifted my buttocks up on her shoulders and lifted my pelvic region up. She also started rubbing around my anus and buttocks and it was too unbearable. Then, my aunt called my uncle to help me reach the height of joy. They both started nibbling, licking, pushing fingers in and out of my dripping cunt a lot more. I was shaking, rolling my head sideways, my cunt wanted something to bang it deep inside and I started begging' sneha aunt, my pussy wants something more. Please ask uncle to put his manhood inside and help me stop this intense burning. Oh aunty, I beg you'. My aunt said, 'shhh, rosie. You should not lose your virginity now. But we will give you pleasure anyway'. She said, 'why don't you lick and suck your uncle's hard manhood while I play with your pussy hole. You will see how well you will be satisfied' I had no option but to say yes and once again, my uncle came to my side and put his penis into my hands.
While kicking my legs and pushing my pelvis forward to my aunt's expert tongue and fingers, I took that precious manhood into my hands. I closed my eyes and rubbed it against my whole face including my eyes. I smelt it. Then, while smelling it, I brought it down to my lips. Licked it, tasted it and then started licking it up and down. My uncle, then, crossed over me where I had a better access to his throbbing bulging penis. He told me that I could take the whole pr part of it inside my mouth and suck and lick it like icecream. The excitement at my cunt was getting unbearable while I took his penis inside my mouth and first started licking and sucking slowly. But once my pussy was reaching the height of ultimate joy, I started sucking his penis hard, imagining that it was inside my hot, dripping cunt hole. Then, I felt it-- I shouted very hard and felt like something strong was coming... I felt it in my cunt, particularly on my clit and inside of my cunt. I shook and started shouting (very unlike me)'ooo, sneha aunty, what is happening? It 's so powerful and joyful. Ooooh, aaah. Ammma'. And I sucked my uncle's penis hard and my pussy that was contracting and expanding very fast gave a big squeeze (contraction) and then, my head started spinning. I calmed down after two minutes.. I felt satisfied! My uncle took his throbbing penis out of my mouth and asked my aunt who just sat up after working on my pussy for amost twenty minutes 'sneha, I can't hold this anymore. Would you help me?' sneha as a reply, crawled close to him and said, 'want to pour your milk on my milk pots?. She sat there holding her somewhat droopy, yet very big breasts up and my uncle, stood on his knees and shook his penis hard, rubbing her boobs very hard and then he groaned and dropped his head back. My aunt said' good boy' holding his penis. His penis looked limp and smaller now. I saw white liguid droolling over her breasts. She smeared it lovingly all over her breasts and then took her palm close to her nose and exclaimed that it was warm and smells great as ever. I was still recovering from my unforgettable experience while my uncle crawled over my body and started licking me more from top to bottom amd stopped at my pussy. He pulled the lips apart , pushed his tongue all the way in, twisted it and licked some wetness while smelling it. He said, ' if we are still around, after you get married and gift your lucky husband your virginity, and if we get a chance, and if if you are still interested in my manhood, I want to drill your cunt hole till your cunt gets sore for atleast two days and you will find it hard to explain to your husband why it's not taking in his penis' and he laughed. Then, we lied for a few minuted more before I got dressed and moved to the other room to wait for my parents as if nothing had happened.


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