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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Meena aunty

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Hi..., this is ajay from jabalpur. I am 25 Years old, presently working in high court. This is a real life encounter which happened 2 years ago between me and my Meena aunty, my mom's cousin(sister) (all names changed). She is 38 now, who is a very beautiful lady of figures 36-30-36. She has real big boobs which are well maintained, firm and round ass with not too much of fat, flat tummy and the most sexiest part is the curve on her waist. She is very conscious about her beauty since the time she was young. When she dresses herself, everything she wears should be perfectly fitting her, be it a Saree, Salwar Kameez or even a Nightie she wears at home. She makes sure everything is matching her colour and complexion, and of course the occasion too. That’s probably why she looks beautiful in whatever she wears.

I and my aunt are good friends, since the time I was 3-4 years of age. She got married when I was 10. Everybody in our family knows that we are like friends more than our relationship. She speaks a lot, but very lively. We even pull each others leg sometimes. She has 2 sons. They are of age 14 and 11 now, . Her husband, my uncle is a businessman who travels a lot. He is 45 now and rich enough. Before me and my aunt started an affair 2 years ago, it was another 2 years since we saw each other, as she and her husband had to move to a different city called satana, because my uncle had established his business there. The conversation was just through the phone and I saw her 1-2 times in some family get togethers. They had given their nice big house on a rent, which is 2Kms away from our house. After 2 years, my uncle got an opportunity to expand his business with a Foreign Company. He had to go to UK to plan for his new project and also implement it . So they informed their tenants well in advance that they have to leave the house in 3 months and they did it. So my aunt and uncle shifted back to Bangalore and after a week time my uncle had to leave to UK and he said it would at least take 6 months for him to come back.

During this time my aunt had to stay alone. She called me up and asked me to stay with her at least at nights and my uncle and aunt both informed my parents about the same. OK I think I have mentioned too much about Meena aunty's family. After a certain age when I started fantasizing about women, watching blue films, whenever I masturbated, Meena aunty used to be in my mind always. But I never ever let her know about this even though she was a good friend of mine. It was a Friday, my uncle had left to UK in the morning. My parents, Meena aunty and her kids had gone to the airport to drop him. I could not go as I had no leaves to take in the office. She also had made safe arrangements for her kids to leave to Ooty, the same day so that they won’t miss much of their classes. The whole day, even though I was at workplace, I used to think of me and my Meena aunty being alone at home at nights for 6 months. I was thinking of gaining some courage and the ways to approach towards her to have sex. I came home at 5:30PM, freshened up myself and was watching TV. My mom said "Meena had called up she asked me to tell you to go to her house as soon as possible, as she is feeling very lonely, she will also be waiting you for the dinner". I said "OK" and went to her house.

On the way to her house, my heart was beating very fast, thinking about what could be her reaction if I approach her to have sex. Finally I thought, I have enough time, let me read her mind, depending on the situation, I will approach her and calmed myself down. I rang the doorbell and there is my angel opening the door with a beautiful smile . She was wearing a shining silky dark brown night gown, looking gorgeous. I also went in with a smile, she closed the door and hugged me straight away although it was friendly approach by her and said face to face"hello!! Handsome, how are you?". I was stunned by her movements, her big breasts were pressing my chest. I thought of trying my luck and hugged her in turn and said with joy "I am good, Meena aunty how about you?” she said"i am doing well my dear"with a smile again and to my surprise, she kissed my both the cheeks. She led me to the hall by holding my hand. We sat on a sofa, close to each other. She was holding hand in hand with me and my right hand was on her left thigh. She started speaking "Oh! God it's a very long time since we saw each other and spoke so freely.

I have a lot to speak and share with you, whom I can't do with anyone else". I replied"Hey! Sure I will be with you to share your feelings. . Ummmmma"i took a chance to kiss her soft cheeks. We had some coffee and continued the conversation about the different city she was in and the people there, places there and all the nonsense in the world. We watched TV for sometime, but I was literally thinking something else in my mind "she is in a good mood, if luck favours me, I can have sex with her today". Whenever she talked to me very friendly, I use to feel guilty about myself because of the way I dream about her. At around 9:30PM she came to me, keeping her palms on my cheeks and asked me” Dinner is ready dear, shall we have it now?” I said"yes!Sure"and she said"come" and placed a kiss on my forehead with a smile. She turned around to go to the kitchen. I immediately stood up and pulled her hands and hugged her very hard keeping my hands on her flat tummy and said in a low voice near her ear "you are so beautiful" and kissed her right cheek from behind. She replied with a broad smile"thank you for your compliments, darling, I like the way you are moving along with me, so closely, so friendly"and she kissed me back on my left cheek.

And now it was time for her to take some classes and said to me boldly biting her teeth, twisting my right ear "you are not a young boy anymore, you are grown up, why you don’t shave your beard? It’s pinching my lips when ever I kiss your cheeks and now again when you kissed me from back it was like thorns on my cheek, I will kill you if you don’t have a shave tomorrow". I said” No aunty, I normally shave every Sunday, that’s why I have a little beard grown now” and we walked to the dining hall holding each other. She holding my left waist and I had kept my hand on her right shoulder. It was a nice feeling for me touching her soft body. I told her I will change my dress and come went back to her bedroom where I had kept my bag of clothes. I wore a night pant, removed my shirt as I was wearing a vest and came out for the dinner. The dinner was really tasty, she finished her dinner before me. I was about to finish my dinner when the phone rang. My uncle was calling from UK to inform about his safe journey . I went and washed my hands and came back . I also spoke to my uncle and wished him good luck for his new project.

After the phone call I asked Meena aunty to show her hands, she did, I kissed her both the hands saying "the dinner was really delicious". She says, with naughty smile"thank you, but this is not fair. I always kiss your cheeks and you are just kissing my hands” as soon as she said that I happily gave her broad hug, this time real hard and kissed her both the cheeks, while her big boobs are clashing with my chest, thinking in my mind that "I am even ready to kiss your lips, my sexy babe". I was getting hard erection, so I thought of loosening myself a bit, because I didn’t know what would be her reaction to such things. We again went to the hall, we sat close to each other holding hand in hand, this time her hand on my thigh. I was really scared at this point of time because I was still having a slight erection. I slowly moved her hand away from my thigh while speaking. Now she started speaking a little open minded with me. She said men in satana used to see her with a wicked eye, wherever she went and also that she would feel like killing them sometimes.

I asked her with a smile "then what would you do to me as I am hugging and kissing you, already” she replied in a sweet voice” you are my sweetheart, I would rather give you thousands of kisses for the compliments you give me” and kissed me again. I felt really happy about this and was still thinking to somehow approach her and make love tonight. It was almost time for us to go to sleep when she asked me to drink milk and sleep as it is good for health. I said"ok" and followed her to the kitchen, looking at her swinging ass and the sexy waist she had. I couldn’t resist myself anymore, I wanted to touch her waist at any cost. She was standing in front of the gas, waiting for the milk to boil.

I casually stood to her left, leaning my head on her left shoulder and simultaneously I kept my hand on her right waist and got hold of it. It was really soft and I was feeling like squeezing it, but as soon as I kept my hand on her waist, she was shocked and turned towards me, I immediately removed my hand from her waist, she said with a sigh of relief” I was shocked when you kept your hand on my waist, I dint know that you came behind me". I said” sorry, aunty it’s my mistake". She replied” no, it’s not a mistake at all and do you know one more thing?, my waist is my weakness point” in a low voice and a sexy smile.

I dint quite understand that and asked her "what do you mean by that?” she replies with a naughty smile and whispers in my ears"it's my personal secret"and by this time the milk was boiled, so she said"wait a minute, I will tell you about that"and she picked the milk vessel and poured milk into 2 glasses and gave me one of them. We both were drinking milk and walked to hall with the glass in hand and sat very close again. I said” what’s the secret?” she feels shy about that and smiles for herself and keeps quiet. I said"come on aunty, don’t keep the matter in suspense, please tell me” she says” you naughty, are you so eager to know my personal secret??"I innocently said "yes".

She started whispering "I use to get easily seduced sexually, when your uncle was touching my waist” I was amazed by the way she was revealing her personal secret to me. She continued saying "Until 5 years ago, whenever we had a fight and I was angry with him, he used to squeeze my waist and I used to lose the battle and we ended up having sex ". I was thinking in my mind” I shouldn’t have taken my hand off her waist, I lost an opportunity". I asked her in eager” what has happened since 5 years, now?” she says"we never had sex since 5 years, now". I asked "why? What happened?” she replied” your uncle had some health upset and gradually we had to forget about sex as he was becoming physically weak".

This was making me really happy I am getting some important facts about my sex queen. After chatting for some time, I was feeling sleepy, I went to her and gave a kiss on the forehead and wished good night. I turned around to go to another bedroom in the house, she immediately hugged me from behind saying "don't leave me alone ajju, come and sleep with me in my bedroom, I don’t mind if it is you sleeping with me". I was now getting horny and said nothing to her and quietly walked with her to the bedroom. Her bedroom is quite big with a cot in the middle of the room, a huge leather sofa with teapoy. As we entered the bedroom, I was really breathing heavily and my heart was beating faster than ever, thinking in my mind'how to control myself with the most beautiful woman lying on the other side of the bed'.

I wanted to hide this feeling, so I headed towards the teapoy and picked up a magazine pretended like reading it. Meena aunty started speaking to me while simultaneously removing her night gown which was covering her nightie"you have something in your mind to say but you are struggling to share it with me, come on speak up, I am your best partner now". As soon as she finished saying this, I took my eyes off the magazine and saw her removing the gown. I was awestruck looking at her beauty. Now, the nightie she is wearing is sleeveless, with just one strap on each of her shoulders and also along with that, I could see the strap of her black bra.

The nightie was the same colour of her gown, with the same silky material and it was a skin-fit nightie, so it was sticking to her body, revealing her big boobs. I could also make out the spot where her navel is on her flat tummy. I can also see her body curving on her beautiful waist. The nightie has a cut on the either side up until her knees, so that she can walk freely. I was seeing her with my eyes wide open. She saw me and asked” what happened? Why are you so quiet?". I started stammering"Sh-Meena ahhunty".

She saw my face she could make out that I am looking at her body and said” now, don't tell me again that I look beautiful” and gave me naughty smile. I could not resist anymore, I rushed towards her, held her left hand and pulled her towards me and hugged her real hard and took my face near her face. She did not resist as always and she also put her arms around my body with that naughty smile still on her face. I looked in her eyes and whispered "no, you are not just beautiful, you are really sexxxxy". She still takes it friendly and says"Wooow, my young man is in a romantic mood today, now don’t change the topic, I asked you to share something with which you are struggling in your mind".

I said” no aunty, I was on the right track and you have changed the topic unknowingly". She is so innocent, still not able to understand what I was up to and replies"hey!Smart boy, have you fallen in love with anyone?” I said” yes, with a woman older than me” she is shocked and said"what?Who is she?". The way she asked, made me scared to say that it was herself. I was running out of ideas to say something, I simply leaned my head on her right shoulder with my chin on her bear shoulder. As soon as I placed my chin on her shoulder, she starts laughing and says"hey!ajju, your beard is pinching my shoulder, take your head off my shoulder".

In a flash I took my chin off her shoulder and placed a kiss on her bear shoulder and asked” how is this?” she replies"mmmm, you are tickling me, but it was so sweet of you". Taking this as chance, I started kissing her shoulder and moved towards her ear. She didn’t say anything about that. I took all the courage in the world thinking it's now or never and started whispering in her ear” you haven’t had sex for past 5 years, right?” she might have felt shy to answer but said "yes" in a low voice only after I repeated the question. I continued” so, shall we break the ice now?, can I do it with you?".

She took her head off my shoulder and I did the something to see each other face-to-face She said” no, we can't do that, I can't do that with you, no” in a low voice, but still hugging me. I some how wanted to convince her tonight and asked her” are you scared about that?” she replied” yes, I am scared about the society". I said” you said, you don't care about the society, when you called me to sleep with you in the bedroom". By now she was facing down, so I lifted her face holding her chin and said” Trust me, we will keep this as a secret, nobody will know about this” she was breathing very heavily and as I was standing very close to her with my arms around her body. I could also make out her heart beating very fast.

I felt I am just a step away from her to have sex and spoke few strong words"Meena aunty, I will not get a woman as beautiful as you and you may not get a chance to have sex ever in your life, so this is the right opportunity for both of us to fulfill our desires"and hugged her harder than ever and to my surprise she did the same thing too. She whispered” To be frank, I am really desperate to have sex, but I couldn’t do that because of the society we are in. Now I am not scared anymore, come on I am all yours from today". These words made me wild and I started kissing her all round the neck, her ears, she started moaning"mm. . . Mm. . . . Mm". I saw her face, her lips looks really juicy, I desperately kissed her lips very hard, very passionately for about 15 mins.

Now, she won't leave my lips even if I tried separate my lips from her lips. She hugged me as hard as she can enjoying the kiss and made my first kiss a memorable one. Her lips were really so sweet and within few mins we were exchanging our saliva. When we released our lips, we were breathing very fast. She helped herself to release from my hands and turned towards the window and started walking, I pulled her and hugged her from behind and asked her"mmmm where are you going?” she said"wait a minute darling, I will be back in a sec". She went to close the window and curtains.

I could not resist myself seeing her wonderful figure. She was looking like a big chocolate bar to me as she was wearing the brown skin-fit nightie, which had a zip at the back, running all through her back until the place where her firm ass starts . I ran, hugged her from behind as soon as she closed the windows and the curtains and whispered in her ears kissing her neck"mmmm my beautiful aunty” she starts moaning and replies"mmmmm. . . . ajju, don’t call me aunty anymore. Call me by name mmhhh. . . . Mmmm"for which I replied"hhmmmm, my dear sexy Meena, I love you soooo much". I, now asked that why did she closed the windows and curtains, as it might be suffocating. She replied"mmm, I want total privacy with you. Nobody should enjoy this night except me and you. We have AC in the room which will keep us cool".

By now I had started moving my hands all over her tummy and slowly moved my hands towards her big boobs and stopped there and very slowly and softly, pressed her both the boobs. I did not care about my erected tool, touching her ass, this time. She became wild this time moaning loudly"hhhhhhhaaaaaa. . Mmmmm. . . . ajju, my darling. . . Mmm come on press it hard. . Mmmmmmmmmm". I pressed her boobs so hard. . . . She jumped due to excitement. . . . Put her arms behind to reach my face and try to pull me in front of her, so that she can hug me or may be kiss me. But by then I had moved a little down kissing her back.

I started unzipping her nightie with my teeth, as my hands were busy, squeezing her boobs. I unzipped the nightie fully and now I could see a part of her black panties and also the hook of her bra. I released her boobs from my hand and now I let my hand into her nightie from the back, touching her smooth and soft skin while she is still moaning. I moved my hand all over her body wherever possible, inside her nightie and simultaneously kissing her bear skin at the back. I slowly, again moved my hand towards her sexy boobs from both sides, inside the nightie but on top of her bra and started fondling it.

Meena, kept her hands on my hands to help me press her big boobs still harder. We did this for about 20 mins and we both started sweating heavily. She was moaning and saying". . . Mmmmmmmmm. . . ajjuuuuuuuuuu . . We are already sweating so much. . . I don’t want to finish this off so soon. . . I still need much more than this from you. . . . Plzzzz switch on the AC, darling". I left her half heartedly and walked towards the teapoy to pick up the remote control of the AC to switch it on. I switched on the AC and the temperature was set to 26deg. I said Meena"I want to enjoy with you tonight, so I will reduce it to 22deg".

As soon as I said that she came in a flash and snatched the remote control from me and said” I don’t want to sleep tonight" and further reduced it to 18deg . We again hugged straight chest to breast and kissed the lips for about 10 mins. She was still wearing the nightie with the zip open at the back, so I let my hand in her nightie but this time I was in front of her. I asked her to lie down on the sofa, and she did. I looked at her whole body in front of me lying on the sofa, it was a treat watch her.

I started kissing her slowly from legs, simultaneously moving my hand and slowly lifting her nighitie upwards. I could lift the nightie till her knees, as it was skin fit. But, I inserted my hand till her thighs. I squeezed her thigh hardly and gave a kiss on the place where her pussy is, at the same time. She started moaning again"aaahaaaa. . . Mmmmmm, you naughty” and started biting her own lips with excitement. Then I went on kissing her flat tummy for few mins. She is still moaning and says"mmmm. . . ajjuuuuuuumy darling my baby my seetchild i love you..... . . Come on. . I want to kiss your lips desperately, mmm. . . Mmmm I liked the way you kissed me, the first time. . . Plzzzz aajjjjuuuu don not waist any second of this nighti want two enjoy hole seconds of this night come ........". I stopped kissing her tummy and slept straight away on her body gave tight kiss on her lips again. She was hugging me like never before and we kissed for another 20 mins.

Now I started to pull the straps of her nightie, she also helped me by taking her arms off the straps. I slowly pulled her nightie down her big boobs, then her tummy, navel and then her pussy, thighs, knees. Aahhh it was great experience as I kissed her whole body from top to bottom following her nightie, when it was moving down. Here comes the sexiest scene of the encounter. The woman whom I have fucked many times in my dreams is literally sleeping in front of me with just her bra and panties on. She asked me to remove my dress too, which I did and I was wearing just the underwear. I started kissing her again slowly from the legs, moving my hand on her bear skin at the same time.

The moaning sound from her was making me mad and wild every time. I kissed her pussy on her panties, which was already wet and at the same time put my hand in her panty from the back and squeezed her ass quite hard. . . Which made her jump and she is breathing heavily. She said"ahaaaaa. Aaaaa. Mmmmmm you are making me mad, it’s like heavy rains in the desert after 5 long years. Aaaaa come on. . Fast I want to kiss you again". I did not respond to this and continued kissing her private body parts very slowly. I enjoyed kissing her navel and moved upward towards her big boobs and started kissing her cleavage and sometimes put her whole boob in my mouth. By now she was waiting to kiss my lips, she couldn’t resist anymore. So she put her hands on my head to hold it firmly and pulled my hair very hardly to place my lips on hers. I kissed her like mad lion for another 15 mins, lying on her body.

Now she could sense that my rod is as hot and hard as iron, she moved her hands slowly all over my body, kissing my chest, neck at the same time. She moved her hand into my underwear and holds my rod really hard and started rotating it. This made my rod erect still longer than it was before. I asked her"blowjob?"she replied” no, I don’t like blowjob, plz don’t force me to do it". I said"as you wish, meena". I started moving down again, kissing her all over the body and slowly pulled her panties down and removed it. It was a cleanly shaved pussy. I asked her to get up and sit straight on the sofa and she did. Now she saw the bulge in my underwear and she suddenly pulled my underwear down. The hot rod of mine popped out and she fondled with it for sometime which made me cum. She says it’s unhygienic to take my dick in her mouth and cumming.

I did not want to argue with her about that at that time, as I was enjoying my first sexual intercourse of my life. I slowly started fingering her pussy making her moan lightly. I now sat down on the floor while she was on the sofa. I asked her to put her legs on my shoulders. She asked "what are you doing?"I said” you will definitely enjoy this" and blew hot air towards her wide open pussy. She replied"hhhaaaa". I hugged her, putting my arms around her waist and my face was in front of her pink lipped pussy. I placed a soft kiss on her pussy, which made her mad she was holding my head really tight. I started kissing her pussy real hard as though it was her lips, which made her wild and pushed my head into her pussy, indicating that she needs more of it.
I now started licking her pussy, inserted my tongue in her pussy for which she moaned and said"aaaaaa. . Hhhhaaaaa. Mmmmmm,, are so sweet, I love you. . I have never experienced this before, aaaaahhaaa thank you for all this". After licking her pussy for 10 mins, she says"aaahaa. Darling, I am cumming aaaaahhhhh. . Mmmmm". And she came on my face. I licked the whole juice coming out of her pussy. Now I started kissing her tummy and moved up and hugged her real hard to kiss her lips. While kissing, I unhooked her bra from behind and started caressing her back while kissing. After 10 mins of kissing, I tried to remove her bra completely and she helped me pull her bra out by lifting her arms.

Now there were two big mountainous structures, waiting to pop out of her bra for a long time. Her tits were very big and hard due to the excitement she was in. Her brown nipples were erect and both the boobs were waiting desperately for my hands to squeeze it. I pinched her nipples slowly and started kissing one of them and squeezing another. I started sucking one after the other as hard as I can and Meena also enjoyed it. Now it was time for me to squeeze her point of weakness and started moving my hands towards her waist. I put my hands on either side of the waist and pressed it very hardly while sucking her boobs to the core. She started shouting"aaaaaaaa. . . . Hhhhh ajjuuuuuuuu....., you are so sweet, I was waiting for this. . . Come on darling, put me on the bed and fuck me hard ahhhhhh".

I still wanted to enjoy the squeezing and sucking. As I was squeezing harder and harder, she was becoming very wild and bit my ears, my shoulder and also my lips so hard, my lips started bleeding I lifted her as it is and put her on the bed. . She was still moaning"mmmm. . . Mmmmm". As soon as I put her on the bed she opened her legs wide apart with a sexxxxxxxy smile inviting me to fuck her. She got up half the way, held my hot iron rod in her hand and allowed it to enter her door of heaven and asked me push it in. I tried to push my dick in, it was hard for both of us initially as it was happening after 5 years for her and first time for me. I started giving jerks and she joined me. It was paining for both of us, but slowly and steadily we gained the pace and my whole dick was in her pussy now, going in and coming out.

She thought both of us can manage it from now and lied completely on the bed making sounds"aaahh. . . Ahhh. . Come on I need some more. I pounced on her breast, with my dick still in her pussy, started sucking her boobs and squeezing her waist again. She started shouting again"aaaaahhhh. . . . Aaaa. . Aaaaaa"and hugged me harder and stronger than ever. This made me erotic and started moving my dick in and out faster and faster until we both released the cum. While releasing the cum we both hugged each other very tight, I was biting her boobs and she was biting her own lips with her eyes closed and we were in the heaven for about 10 mins.

After we were finished, I was tired and slept beside her, both of us breathing heavily. We looked at each other's face, smiled and placed a kiss on each other's lips. She saw my lips still bleeding and said "Ohhh, sorry ajju, I bit your lips so hard” and started sucking the blood from my lips. And we were sleeping beside each other without speaking anything for about 20 mins. She suddenly came and started kissing all over my body and said"come on, I need some more". She held my dick in her hand and started caressing it which made my dick erect within no time. She sat on me, she herself place my dick in her hole and started riding on me. She gave jerks every now and then, but this time it was easy for both of us, as it did not pain as much, when my dick entered her pussy.

We enjoyed the movements and again released the cum after about 10 mins. She was also very tired this time, so she slept on my chest and I hugged her. We slept naked the whole night. We enjoyed the whole 6 months, as if husband and wife enjoy their honeymoon. We tried all kind of strokes during this time. I fucked her in the bathroom, in the bath tub, in the kitchen, sometimes in the hall. We used to wait for the weekends, so that we can have sex for 2 days continuously. Even today she is as beautiful as she was 2 years ago and we enjoy whenever we find time. But to me the incident which happened for the first time with her is the most wonderful experience I ever had, as it was the first time for me I hope you enjoyed a very long sex story.


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