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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mom and Uncle Boulos

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A friend of mine told me this story. This is a story narrated by a young man about his family.
During the war, their family consisting of his father, his mother and him ran away from their hometown to another part of the country and resided for a few months at his father’s relatives house.

His father was 35 years old. A midsized man who married his mother a few years before. His mother was a bombshell. At 30 years, she had long brown hair, delicate features, big blue eyes and a slender figure. The most attractive part of her body were her breasts. Everyone envied his father for his wife. Her breasts were at least D-cups that she could barely hide under garments of clothes, especially that they are very firm.

The house where they fled too was the house of his dad’s uncle (not directly related, but considered his uncle). His name was Boulos. He was married to his dad’s aunt. Boulos was 50 years old. He was about 190 cm tall, a little balding with the remaining salt and pepper hair with a big belly from all the beer he drank.

During the war, Boulos, his wife and seven kids stayed home. They didn’t work because the local militia would provide the townspeople with the necessary provisions.

From here on, I will tell the story in the first-person view. My friend will be telling the story from hereon…

I was 5 years old when these events happened. I remember how much we were afraid when we fled our home in the city and went to dad’s village. Our dad’s relatives agreed to give us a room in their house for free to live in until the war subsided and we were able to get back to our house. Uncle Boulos was very friendly with us assuring dad that he considers him like a little brother and that dad shouldn’t worry about us while we’re there.

Now that I am older, I began to notice and understand things that happened before while I was little. For a long time, I would hear mom and dad talking quietly in their room behind closed doors. Many times I would remember dad coming back from the doctor’s office but I didn’t understand what was happening. One day after we fled our home, I went to the room where we were living and saw my dad leaving furiously and my dad sobbing silently on the bed. Now I understand what was the problem. After mom gave birth to me, dad got sick for a period and this sickness affected his sexual drive immensely and permanently. This sickness made him virtually impotent. For five years he tried to go to doctors for treatment but nothing was working and mom stood by him like a good faithful wife for these years hiding her problem from the outside world to keep dad’s honor.

In dad’s village, it was different than the city, people were more relaxed and most men would be shirtless all day especially that most of them didn’t have work due to the war and it was summer and hot. I rarely remember seeing uncle Boulos with a shirt on. I remember him in his boxers and his slippers and he would always be shirtless. A distinctive feature that stays in my mind is his tall frame and his big belly although nowadays he has lost it due to sickness.

Uncle Boulos was really affectionate and nice to me. Dad would leave everyday to a nearby town to the bank where he worked while mom and I stayed with his relatives. I remember him taking me with him everyday to the field under the village where he would go to shoot birds. He treated me like a father treats his son. His wife wrote poetry and was in a world of her own. Every couple of days, she would take her children and go to the town center where she would meet with other women and their children and they set up workshops to teach children poetry and reading.

Mom didn’t know them too well so she decided to stay at home in our room. Mom was a really conservative lady that took care of dad and me and never looked outside.

Uncle Boulos was and still is a very upstanding man, but he is a red-blooded macho man after all and mom was too beautiful to resist.
Sometimes, I would go with mom to the kitchen of the house to make coffee or get something to eat and we would find Uncle Boulos there. Dad, his wife and his children would be all outside the house. I was 5 years old so I didn’t understand what was happening but now reminiscing I understand the flirtation that happened.

Boulos would light up every time he would see my mom. A few seconds after she enters the room, I would notice that his boxers became tighter and enlarged on the front, and it was apparent especially that he wore little more than boxers and slipper sin his feet while in the house. Mom would not look him directly in the eyes but he would always try to open conversations with her asking her if she needed anything only to tell him and he would be glad to help. Mom would always respond politely that everything is ok and she doesn’t need anything.

One day, after another fruitless try with dad and bed, mom was crying silently in the room. I was there but I was too young to ask why or what is happening. Suddenly, uncle Boulos knocks on the door and enters. He wore a short and a wifebeater for change. He patted me on the head and went and sat next to mom on the bed. I had my headphones on my head, so I removed them because every child is curious.

I remember hearing him asking her what was the problem and his very chivalrous and macho way he began telling her that she only has to give him the name of the person who made her sad and he would ensure that this person would get the proper punishment. I still remember his body language and the manliness that oozed from him whenever he got mad. Mom smiled a little at all the defense she was getting from uncle Boulos and assured him that nothing was wrong. Uncle Boulos didn’t accept this answer and he kept after her until she told him of dad’s situation.

Uncle Boulos told her that everything will be well and that dad is passing in a difficult situation right now. Mom nodded her head and asked him not to tell anyone what she told him. Uncle Boulos grabbed her hand and kissed it and told her she doesn’t need to tell him that. While going out, he came to me and told me that today he is taking me for a small trip in the village. I remember being rejoiced and jumping on his wide shoulders while he took me to his car.

The days passed and I remember that uncle Boulos and mom became more and more close. They would talk everyday and uncle Boulos would listen to mom and comfort her. One day before leaving, uncle Boulos kissed mom on her cheek. Mom was surprised but she didn’t say anything.

During the night, uncle Boulos would have all his friends for dinner and drinking and he would invite dad also to the table. From all the talking in the village and the guests he received it seemed that he was well connected to the local militia and everyone in the town would think twice before getting on his bad side.

Sometimes at night I would hear my father telling mom how powerful Uncle Boulos is in the village and how lucky they are to have him as a relative.
During the day, like any other child I was attached to mom and would go with her anywhere she went. They had two bathrooms in the house and they decided that the big one will be for men and the small one for women.

Sometimes when I would go to use the toilet I would see uncle Boulos taking a shower. I was a kid and I have never seen a penis before so I was mesmerized by the size of his flaccid member. Uncle Boulos would joke with me while under the shower water holding his penis and shaking it and telling me in a fatherly manner that when I grow up my penis will be as big as his. Sometimes when we were on a trip, he would put me on his back and I would hold to the thick grey hair on his chest and he would laugh and joke with me.

One day, I was using the toilet and my stomach began to hurt badly so as a 5-year old little boy I cried to my mother to come in.
Mom didn’t know that uncle Boulos was taking a shower so she entered hurriedly to see what was wrong with me and she was hit with the sight of the giant uncle Boulos in all his naked glory. Unfortunately, there was no drape to hide the shower and separate it from the rest of the bathroom.

Uncle Boulos was also a little surprised and tried to hide his penis and balls with his big hairy hands while the water was running over his partially bald head.
Mom blushed and became confused looking at the ground and apologizing. Uncle Boulos laughed heartily with his deep voice and told her it was okay, she is a married woman and there is nothing she hasn’t seen before.
I saw mom’s face turn red and she wanted to get out of the bathroom but I remember being stubborn and crying for her to stay. Poor mom didn’t have a choice but to stay in the bathroom where uncle Boulos was taking a shower in front of her.
I remember that uncle Boulos kept showering while glancing at mom. While tending to me and my pain, I saw her taking quick glances from the side of her eyes to uncle Boulos beefy body and especially to the area between his legs. She was a woman and a deprived one after all. Uncle Boulos saw that and smiled taking his hands away from his crotch. Mom saw uncle Boulos’s cock semi-erected as he couldn’t help himself around her so she left me and went out of the bathroom quickly.

I called her but she answered me sternly that I better finish up quick. Uncle Boulos told me something then that I didn’t understand until years later. He told me that my mother was poor and what he did was an act of charity. Later, I understood that because mom hasn’t seen dad erect in a long time he offered her to see his cock erect to satisfy her needs.

That night, I heard mom complaining to dad that she wants to leave and that she prefers to live on the street than in this house but she didn’t give any additional information. I suspect that she was afraid that dad would confront uncle Boulos who knows members in the militia who could hurt our family.
Dad dismissed her worries and went to sleep. That night mom sweated a lot and kept moving in bed till early morning, I suspect the sight of uncle Boulos in the shower set her emotions and libido on fire.

I guess that if dad had listened to mom’s plea that night the following events wouldn’t have happened.
Over the next few days, I would see mom and uncle Boulos in some corner or behind some wall in the garden talking and even once or twice I would see the shirtless uncle Boulos touching mom’s neck or even trying to kiss it.
The defining night came once when uncle Boulos and his friends were drinking all night and dad was in another town finishing business and stuck because of the gunfire on the roads.

Uncle Boulos’s wife was at her sister’s I believe so it was just him, me and mom at home.
At around 1 am, I woke up in the lower floor of the house and realized that I wasn’t in my room but I had dozed off in front of the TV. Still groggy and sleepy I went to the room to find it partially open. In my little head I didn’t understand what was happening but it all was imprinted until now, 20 years later.

On the bed where mom and dad slept, I saw mom laying totally naked and a man laying on top of her moving back and forth in a rapid rhythm. I entered slowly and sat on the ground and saw mom holding uncle Boulos’s hairy ass between her small hands, her head layed on one side, biting her lower lip, her eyes closed and grunting and moaning at each penetration. Uncle Boulos was holding the bed with his two big hairy arms, sweat covering his back, his belly smashing mom’s big breasts while he fucked her.

It must have been the first time in five years that mom got fucked. After the long wait, uncle Boulos drenched mom’s thirst for sex. He was accomplishing dad’s duties. As my small brain registered what was happening, I noticed uncle Boulos’s cock. Until now, I don’t believ I have seen a cock as thick or big as his cock. As he fucked mom’s cunt, I could see his thick shaft being wetted by mom’s juices, and his big balls slapping on mom’s ass.

I watched for fifteen minutes uncle Boulos fucking mom and giving her his cock and sucking on her breasts from time to time. I heard mom also urging him to go faster, to give her more. I even heard her confessing her love to him while he was mounting her. As uncle Boulos approached orgasm, mom had already orgasmed many times, arching his mighty back and his hairy ass, uncle Boulos plunged his cock deep into mom’s exposed vagina and he released his baby making seed deep into her fertile womb.

He collapsed on mom’s breasts as she kissed his balding head and caressed his hairy forearms thanking him for giving her all this pleasure. My instinct told me that I shouldn’t be seen by them at that moment so I got out of the room in time to see uncle Boulos taking his cock out of mom’s pussy and giving her a kiss on the mouth like any husband would give his wife.

He went passed me to the bathroom to wash his cock and then left to sleep while I waited a few minutes and entered to find mom also sleeping.
After that night, mom and uncle Boulos slept together many times. We remained at their place for a month after the first time uncle Boulos injected mom with his cock. And during this period, uncle Boulos became mom’s defacto husband. The weird thing is that I didn’t hate uncle Boulos for doing that at the time. I felt safe with him and I even sometimes felt he was like my father.

A few months after returning to our house, I heard dad and mom arguing violently. A few hours later, as I hid in my room, I watched uncle Boulos coming with two menacing men. Uncle Boulos took my dad to the side and threatened him that if he divorces mom or tries to do any wrong move the two goons will take care of him.
A few minutes later, the two men left and uncle Boulos called for me. As I ran and hugged him, he told him he had good news for me. He told me that mom was pregnant and that I was going to become a big brother.

During mom’s pregnancy, uncle Boulos kept visiting us, bringing us supplies when the roads were closed and keeping an eye on dad. I now know the look in his eye as he watched mom’s belly grow: it was a look of pride and love toward mom. He was really happy that his seed was inside mom and that he was going to have an eighth son.

Strangley, maybe out of fear or guilt for his impotence, dad didn’t object anymore to the subject. He even became friends again with uncle Boulos.
The day of the delivery, I remember dad staying with me as uncle Boulos went to the hospital because he asked dad for it. I bet it was a humiliating situation for dad for uncle Boulos to go and be with mom while she delivers the baby.
As I was told later, when my little brother was born the doctor and the nurses congratulated uncle Boulos as he was the man with mom. He told everyone in the hospital that mom was his wife and that she is delivering their child.
Nowadays, I see uncle Boulos in weddings of the family or the other. He is still a handsome man although he neared 70 years of age and I could see the flame in his eye when he sees mom, the mother of his child.


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