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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oversexed Mami

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After successfully completing my M.A., I didn’t manage to get a job and remained unemployed. My only source of income was two evening tuitions I was giving to two high school kids. For months, I sat idle at home. I was getting restless. Then one fine morning, the lady luck smiled on me. Girish Mama was a distant cousin of my mother. He used to live in Kolkata. One day he called my mom to ask of her health. It was a common inquiry to which she answered, “I would have been all right, if my boy had a job.”

My mother wept in the phone. My uncle felt bad and like any other loving brother, he told my mom, “You know, you can do one thing. You send your kid to Kolkata. He can stay with me and help me in my business. I have lots of work to do. Running a transport business on your own is sometimes tiresome. I am getting old, you know. He can lend me a hand and make it a little easier.”

My mother promptly accepted his gracious offer. She was ever so grateful to him and was all praise for her cousin. That night, she asked me to go and live with my uncle in Kolkata and work under him. I was glad to eventually have something to look for. I immediately packed my bags and caught the early morning train to the city.

Girish Mama lived with his wife at a large thousand square feet apartment of a seven-storeyed building in Saltlake. They had a daughter who got married to a rich NRI at a very early age and moved to USA three months ago. It was my first visit to my uncle’s house and when I reached his place, he welcomed me with open arms. “How are you my boy? After a long time, yeah? Last time I saw you, you were only a two years old kid. Now, look at you. You have grown so big.”

Indeed, I was a big guy. I had a strong muscular physique. If not daily, I used to spend a couple of hours in gym on a regular basis. All my hard works paid off. It made me an over six feet tall brawny young man. My uncle who was only five-five with a skinny structure and looked like a Lilliput in front of me.

I tried to be humble. “I may be big but I am still your kid, Mama.”

My modesty made him laugh. “I like you. You are a good kid. Your mother is unnecessarily worried of you. I can make a good use of you. Now, you are here, you can help me in my business. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do much. You just need to look after my lazy workers, so that while they work, they can’t waste time in gossiping. Easy stuff, hah?”

I smiled at him. “Yeah! Piece of cake.”

My confidence made him happy. “Good! I knew I could depend on you.”

At that moment my Mami came out of the kitchen. I had never seen her before. My uncle got married at a much matured stage of life. I was only four years old and was suffering from jaundice at that time. I couldn’t manage to attend his marriage ceremony. I heard the rumors that my uncle tied his knot with an absolute bombshell, who was quite younger to him. Mami just turned adult when she got married with my uncle, who was exactly double of her age. I even missed their daughter’s marriage because of my M.A. exams.

After witnessing my uncle’s wife for the first time in my life, I was quite dumbstruck for a few moments. The rumors that I heard were indeed true. Though unlike her husband, Mami’s constitution was much on the heavier and fleshier side, she was indeed hot and sexy. She was voluptuous, yet extremely sexy. Her juicy well-stacked body oozed such raw sensuality that could even give a big hard-on to a corpse. She was taller than my uncle by a good four-five inches. She had a beautiful face with sharp nose and full lips. Her boobs were like large watermelons and she had a massive elephant ass. She was wearing a pink cotton sari that didn’t completely cover her huge fleshy midriff. The sari was tucked inside her petticoat at six inches below her deep juicy navel. She was sweating profusely as a result of spending a long time in the kitchen cooking food on the hot oven. The glittering drops of sweats made her well-stacked body all the more desirable. I thought that she was just made for a good hard fuck.

I was staring at her voluptuous sexy form and she noticed it. She smiled at me. There was a tint of mischief in her smile. I grinned back at her. My uncle introduced me. “This is Indra. I told you about him yesterday. He is a good kid. Or should I say a good man?”

Mami impishly smiled and said, “I think he can’t be termed as a kid.”

My uncle laughed out loudly and agreed. “Yeah! You’re right. But he said he would always be a kid to me.”

After the formal introduction I went to the bathroom to get fresh. It was a long six hours expedition from my residence to Girish Mama’s house. I was slightly tired. But more than the weariness of the journey, the voluptuous figure of Mami had bothered me. It got me all excited. I need to cool off under a cold shower before I again faced my uncle and his hot wife.

Next morning, I was doing some push-ups in my room. Suddenly I felt that someone was staring at me behind my back. I was exercising only in my red sport shorts with no shirts on. I turned around and saw Mami standing at the door gazing at my sweaty body. Her eyes were roaming through my wide shoulders, broad chest, big and powerful arms, six pack abs and strong muscular thighs. My muscles got all pumped up due to the exercise and my stout body looked more hefty. She was grasping everything through her hungry eyes and I could see a clear sign of burning lust in them. She was herself scantily dressed, wearing only a yellow bra-less blouse and a white petticoat, but no sari. It wasn't much of a shock. It is almost traditional for a Bong housewife not to wear a sari when she sleeps at night. But what did caught my eyes was the sinful sex appeal she was oozing in this state of undress.

The first two buttons of the blouse were carelessly unhooked making a way for a generous cleavage to freely exhibit itself. Her big heavy melons were bursting out of the tight blouse and her large erect nipples were poking out through the thin textile. I could even easily make out the curves of her boobs through the fabric. She tied her petticoat so low, that if it had been worn an inch lower, her much heated crotch would had been visible. Her huge fleshy midriff was completely bare and her deep round juicy navel looked ever more fascinating.

Mami was smiling wickedly at me. Vivid lust was written all over her beautiful face. I was pleasantly surprised to find my strong muscles could fire up this housewife so early in the morning. It might be because my uncle didn't work her up last night. It could very well be because my old uncle didn't had it within him anymore and she remained sexually deprived. I felt pity for her. Really, this horny bitch with all her bulks was deservedly built for a real hard fuck. I decided to step in.
“Hi! Good Morning! When you came? Sorry, I didn't see you. I was too preoccupied with my push-ups.” I greeted her and apologized for my foolish ignorance.

“Its OK. Its always nice to see a powerful young man doing his exercise. I really enjoyed the view. Your uncle was right. You definitely are a real man.” She was giving me a clear signal. I promptly took my chance. “Thanks Mami. Why are you standing outside? Please come inside the room. You can sit on the bed and watch me exercise.”

She gladly accepted my invitation and entered my room. She walked to my bed and with a thud dropped her mammoth ass on it. She laid down on her fleshy back and spread out lewdly. After she made herself comfortable on the bed, I again started doing push ups. She continued to ogle at me with hungry eyes. After some time I could see through the corner of my eyes that she started softly caressing her crotch over the petticoat with her right hand, while her both eyes were still fixed on me. Meanwhile, her left hand went up to her milk tanks and began to give them soft squeezes over the blouse. Mami kept playing with her red-hot luscious body while watching me doing push-ups with her lustful eyes.

The obscenity of the situation struck me hard. Here was the beautiful wife of my loving uncle, lying lewdly on my bed and openly stroking her cunt and fondling her boobs in my presence. Her absolute audacity was highly amazing and at the same time somewhat unnerving as well. I got all turned on. My cock got stiff and created a bulge in my shorts. I could not go on any longer and decided to pull off. As I got up, Mami gave her tits and cunt a few last squeezes and stopped. Her eyes fell on my shorts. My bulge immediately caught her attention. I have an eight incher. Hence it was quite prominent. Her glowing eyes told me that she had figured out my size. She licked her lips and smiled at me. I didn't try to hide anything and gave her a big grin.

As soon as I stood up, Mami signaled me to lie down on the bed beside her. I immediately jumped in. My enthusiasm pleased her. She rolled on to her left shoulder and with her right hand reached out for my shorts. She caught hold of my prick over the shorts and rubbed it gently. She pulled my shorts down to my thighs and brought my eight inchers out along with my two balls. She rubbed my cock's skin a couple of times and gave it a few quick jerks. It got rock solid. She even played with my balls giving them scratching theme a couple of times with her long nails and gave them a few gentle squeezes.

I made a grunting sound that made her giggle like a little school girl. She moved her bulk and crawled up my herculean right thigh. She grabbed my dick with her right hand and gave it one big jerk. She bent her face a little to start licking it's fat head. She licked it like an ice-cream. There after she went on to lick the whole dick. She even licked my balls and made them all wet. My grunts turned to groans. I grabbed her thick jet-black hair and forced her head onto my rock hard prick. She immediately opened her mouth and took the head in. I put more force on her head and she swallowed the whole prick inch by inch. It was really hot inside her mouth.
It was the hottest blowjob that I have ever received. It was neither too fast, nor too slow. She moved her head up and down over my stiff dick taking the full eight inches of my cock into her hot mouth while she dived in and every time her nose touched my balls. While pulling out, she was getting the cock out of her mouth till it's head. Sometimes she squeezed my balls and scratched them, while sucking my dick.

After ten minutes of hot sucking, I thought my cock could burst out any minute. I didn't waste any time and grabbed her head strongly with my both hands. I started thrusting my hip up and began to fuck her mouth. She too realized my highly excited state and picked up her pace. She started sucking my manhood very fast. It blew my brains out and my cock just exploded inside her mouth within a minute. My whole body shuddered crazily as I flooded her mouth with waves of my thick and salty semen. She tried to gulp it all, but failed miserably. Much of the semen came spilling out of the tiny gaps between her rosy lips and drenched her chin, throat and cleavage, as well as my dick and balls.

Mami pulled herself off and rolled on to lie flat on her back again. She spread her legs and began to gasp for breathe. Her big juicy mounds heaved under her blouse, so did her huge fleshy midriff. I sensed her need. I ejaculated too much and couldn't use my cock so early. I decided to give her a tongue job. I was good at licking and sucking. If I did a good job, she would not complain.

I crawled between her legs and pulled her petticoat up her enormous hips exposing her juicy snatch. It wasn't quite bushy and was already wet. I took my nose closer to her pussy and smelled it. It had a strong odor. I took it all inside me and when I thought I was full, I dived in. Like a thirsty dog, I used my tongue to lick her cunt. I used lots of saliva to make it all wet. I repeatedly poked the clitoris with my tongue. I narrowed my tongue and managed to jab it a bit inside her cavity as well.

As soon as my tongue touched her cunt, Mami started to moan. Her extremely aroused well-endowed body twisted and twitched as I ate her cunt like a hungry dog. She grabbed by hair with both of her hands and pressed my head onto her pussy, which began to swell as soon as I poked her clitoris with my tongue. Her moans raised a couple of octaves and I had to put my left hand over her mouth to save us from getting caught. She didn't last long and discharged her juices, which I slurped from her flowing cunt.

After her orgasm, Mami didn't move an inch and just laid flat on her back. She had closed her eyes. Her heaving boobs showed that her breathing had again turned heavy. Meanwhile, eating her pussy got me re-energized. Her salty juices recharged me to full. My cock got stiff again and was throbbing in excitement. I knew that my Mami still got some vigor left inside her and would willingly have me in if I screwed her.
I didn't know when my uncle going to wake up. I was not sure whether we could have a lengthy intercourse. So I decided to do a quickie upon her. I sat up between her legs and held my now rock solid cock in my right palm. I took a good aim and with a single but mighty thrust shoved it all in inside her wet snatch. Her eyes got opened. She yelled like a bitch, but at the same time tried to spread her legs as far as she could. It was boiling hot inside her pussy, which felt like a volcano and the juices inside felt like lava. I thought my cock would get burned to ashes inside her boiling twat, which felt very tight, as if she was a virgin. It's walls clasped my cock so tightly, as if they had teeth.

Like a murderous marauder, I held my Mami by her luscious waist and started pumping her fast and hard. With each forceful thrust, my eight inches of beastly manhood ravaged her tight cunt. She tried to scream as loud as possible, but I sensed her intention and quickly put my left hand on her mouth. I didn't want to get caught, and I thought neither did Mami. She nodded her head to signal me that she got it. I withdrew my hand to her waist.

The forceful banging lasted for full five minutes. Mami had to put two fingers of her right hand in her mouth to stop herself from screaming. In the middle of the hard fuck, her both legs got up in the air and wrapped around my hips. It made me bent down a little and I shifted my hands from her luscious waist to hold her fleshy midriff. She tried to make me more comfortable by heaving her mammoth hips up to catch my powerful thrusts. I, on the other hand, continued my rampage without a single pause and tried to fuck her brains out.

After five minutes of intense sex, I deposited a huge load of my potent seeds into her willing snatch. Like her mouth, her pussy also got flooded with my cum. She milked every drop of semen from my cock. She herself had multiple orgasms during our ardent session and completely drenched my cock with her love juices. I didn't rolled off immediately, but bent my trunk even more and laid over her heaving mass of flesh. My cock was still in her now cum flooded pussy. I was exhausted and so was Mami. She didn't push me off. Instead her legs got unlocked and fell off from my hips onto the bed. She embraced me with her both arms. It was the first cozy gesture she made. This insanely horny wife of my loving uncle loved to get fucked. A heavy pounding of her ever itchy pussy was the easiest way to own her heart.
Mami kissed me full on my lips. I kissed her back. We both opened our mouths and our tongues met. She tasted full of cum. I too had pussy juices in my mouth. Our lips got locked and we exchanged our cum filled saliva. Like two passionate lovers, we French kissed each other for one full minute and just ate up each other's mouths. When we broke off, she whispered in my ears, “Fuck me again.”

Her adjuration didn't surprise me at all. The passionate kisses told me she was still hot inside. So did her pussy, which after taking a serious pounding, was still clutching on to my cock. And speaking of my cock, the passionate kisses I shared with my Mami got it hard all over again. I immediately obliged her and started pumping my stiff manhood into her cum filled twat, but this time much more slowly.

The slow and steady pace meant that I could fuck her much longer. My two early ejaculations helped in the cause too. I could hold on much longer as I already had discharged twice. It also meant that Mami could relish my eight inch meat pole a lot more. She again wrapped her legs around my hips and continued to kiss me as I fucked her slow and deep. Both of her hands roamed around all over my back as I continued to pump my dick inside her juicy cavity. Sometimes she scratched my back with her long nails while caressing it. She moaned like hell in pure lust, but was alert enough not to raise her voice by much.

Meanwhile, my arms went up to her blouse and it quickly got unhooked. Her large melons jumped out in joy of freedom and immediately got my full attention. I took her left tit's big nipple in my mouth and started to suck it greedily. Simultaneously, I cupped and kneaded her right tit with my left hand. Once I thought I had sucked her left tit well, I began sucking her right tit and simultaneously massaged her left tit with my right hand. As I humped my Mami's lewd cunt, I went on to suck and knead both of her heavy melons in turn.

This time the sex went on for almost thirty minutes. Mami pulled me more into her, so that I could reach deeper. I too pushed for more and it caused her to overwhelm in pleasure. She continued to moan and groan as I reached new depths and again had multi orgasms, thereby completely washing my cock with her juices. She tightened her embrace and our bodies looked like they got unified as one single mass of flesh. After thirty minutes of continuous humping, I dumped a second load inside her ever so inviting and willing cunt. It was already flooded with her juices and my sperms and now it got flooded all over again.

The last screwing filled my Mami up to full. As I rolled off from her buxom body, I heard her letting out a big sigh. Lying beside her, I looked at her face. She still had some dried cum left around her lips, chin and throat. She looked backed at me and smiled. It was a smile of satisfaction, which made me happy. I did a good job on her and I am sure she would be coming back for me. I grinned back at her. She left my room after ten-fifteen minutes, letting me to doze off in exhaustion.
I slept for an hour and a half. When I woke up, Uttam Mama was at the table and so was Mami. They were having breakfast. They both greeted me with smiling faces. Mami also winked at me behind her husband's back. I was surprised to see that she didn't change her morning cloths and had only worn a flimsy chiffon sari over her blouse and petticoat. Her blouse still bra-less remained unhooked at the first two buttons, showing the same generous cleavage that it showed earlier in the morning. Her petticoat also remained tied at the very same position it was tied in the first place, an inch above her juicy twat. Through the sheer sari I could make out a large patch on the petticoat, which seemed to be formed from the flowing cum that I deposited load by load into her willing cunt early in the morning. She was too careless to wrapp the flimsy sari around her voluptuous body in a proper manner and didn't even tucked it well into the petticoat.

To cut things short, Mami looked entirely disheveled and in her current state, only a fool would not sense that she got freshly fucked. My uncle was one such bloody moron. As always, he was in a merry mood that seemed to be at it's jovial best this morning. It might be because it was a Sunday. He used to keep his office close on Sundays. It might very well be because his loving nephew had come to stay with him. I saw two empty beer bottles and two fresh ones on the table. My uncle was celebrating the morning with his wife. He welcomed me with open arms and asked me to join the party. I didn't refuse and sat on the empty sit beside my Mami. A third bottle of beer was immediately summoned on the table for me.

The party took a full swing after I joined them. My uncle was a heavy drunkard. He drank like a duck and soon we had six empty beer bottles on the table, of which me and Mami drank one each. The rest were emptied by my uncle. He chatted merrily and didn't let us to use our voices much taking all the load of the conversation upon his shoulders. As time flied, he got more and more drunk, and keeping the pace, his voice got more and more louder. After finishing the forth bottle, he was practically yelling, when he tried to sing an Adhunikgeeti.

My uncle unknowingly gifted my Mami a golden opportunity to get dirty with me in presence of her drunkard husband. Taking the advantage of his intoxication, she turned towards me and started openly flirting with me. I returned the favor by cracking some nasty jokes, which made her giggle like a little girl. While laughing, she deliberately crashed onto me every now and then. Every time she bumped on me, her large mounds pressed on my broad chest. Though they were heavy, they were really soft as well. It was a nice feeling and brought back the happy memories of my school days, when I used to intentionally pressed my body on some random mature busty lady, usually a Boudi, on my next to experience the softness of her boobs in a crowded bus. I always liked mature women with buxom figure. I did the same thing to my Mami, what I used to do to a Boudi, when I sometimes found out that like me, she too was quite bold and naughty. I quickly moved my both hands to place them over her massive ass, gave it a hard squeeze and withdrew them back. Like the Boudi in the crowded bus, my Mami also could not shout, since my uncle would then become doubtful of it. It was fun and she really enjoyed my squeezes as she kept bumping on me over and over again, sometimes without any reason.
The continuous bumps caused the pallu of her sari to slip off her round shoulders and fell flat at her feet. Except of her thin blouse, which had its two top buttons already unhooked, the whole upper portion of her voluptuous body got unclad. The sight of my Mami getting her pallu dropped in a playful manner and that too in front of her husband, who by now got himself too drunk to notice his slut wife's obscenity, was too erotic and gave me an instant hard on.

The bulge on my shorts though remained unnoticed to my uncle, caught the immediate attention of his adulteress wife. The respond was immediate too. She put on the music system and asked her husband to dance with her, knowing very well he was way too drunk to even walk properly. Not knowing her actual intention, my innocent uncle helplessly refused and the big responsibility of amusing his beautiful wife fell on my strong shoulders. I didn't waste any time and took her hands. We started dancing on a fast number.

Mami was not done with her sinful plan yet. After the first song, she complained that she was finding it very difficult to dance, while wearing the sari. My stupid drunk high spirited uncle gave the nod to remove her sari that brought back the wicked smile on her face. In the blink of an eye the sari was off and my curvy Mami was only in her bra-less blouse and petticoat. She got more venturous and slutty, as her dancing got more and more dirty.

Mami started rubbing her voluptuous frame against my muscular physique a lot more as we danced in close embrace. She rubbed my bulge over the shorts with her crotch, making my cock more and more stiff. I was finding it quite hard to control my emotions as a savage lusty feeling took over my entire body. Sensing my strong desire, Mami turned around and pressed her mammoth ass over my iron hard cock. All hell broke loose, as my hands, as if on their own, stretched themselves to grab her big melons. As soon as my hands fell on her heavy tits, she began to moan as I started to crush them over the blouse with my powerful palms.

She didn't want to wait anymore and pleaded me to fuck. I felt a big rush of blood to my head and lost every bit of my sanity. Like a wild beast, I ripped off her blouse and petticoat from her luscious body and from head to toe made her completely nude. I got my shorts off quickly. My eight inches of manhood stuck out, throbbing fiercely to ravage her juicy cunt. I made my Mami to stand like a bitch on her all fours. Behind her, I got onto my knees. I held her by her enormous hips and jabbed my whole dick into her dripping cunt with one strong hard push. It made her yell like a true bitch in heat and she continued to scream at the top of her voice, as I went on to ravage her cunt with a series of forceful thrusts. The entire room got filled up with the thumping noise of a hard cock fucking a willing pussy. Like earlier in the morning, Mami put a tight grip on my cock with her pussy walls. Her whole well-endowed form kept on juddering under my forceful thrusts. While I took a digging at her hole, she continuously tried to push her gigantic ass back to meet my thrusts.
It was a fool-blooded mating of highest caliber. It's nature was primitive, driven only by pure lust. Such was it's force that my cock didn't turn limp for a second before I ejaculated for the third time, while my Mami kept on releasing her love-juices time and again. Her pussy got flooded again, as the excessive cum came out and flowed along her plump legs to the floor. Her massive ass turned red from all the thumps it got from my hefty thighs. My knees turned sore, so as hers.

When we both stood up after the heavy banging, our feet were wobbling and we had to take the support of the table to keep ourselves straight. Speaking of the table, my uncle was still sitting at it, completely knocked out from the heavy booze. He didn't see me doing his wife, or even heard her yelling like a bitch as I fucked her brains out. I thought it was actually good for him that he had missed all the fun, as it would have definitely given him a heart attack. He was too drunk to get all the actions and was just happily snoring like a pig on his chair.

Meanwhile, I was relieved and so was my Mami. Both of us were so deeply engrossed in fucking that we got entirely oblivious to my uncle's existence. The heat was far exceeding and it didn't strike our low conscience for once that we were having sex in his presence. Now that our burning passion had worn off, we got our sense back. We couldn't believe our good luck. We could have been in a big trouble for losing our sanity. But now, we didn't need to worry. My uncle had not seen or heard anything and we actually managed to come out entirely clean. That made us both laugh at the poor old chap for being such a pathetic loser.


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