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Thursday, September 6, 2012

saroja my dream aunty

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This is the story happened wen i was doing my degree. i was staying in a room in an apartment, my apartment was a 3 floored building and my room was in top floor i was staying alone in my room.

Below my room there was a 3 bed roomed flat there was a family staying over there. Aunty (my dream aunty) her name was saroja and her hubby and 2 kids. they were very friendly and were treating me as there own family member.

now let me explain in detail about my saroja's body. her structure was 36,32,38.
she had a nic figures which could seduce any one. round face fair in colour and curly hairs which added sexyness to her beauty. she had a very good round and well built ass which use to swing to the rethym off her walk which was so seducing to look at.

i was always thinking off her and masterbuting during night and then sleep.
some times i even stole her panties and masterbuted keeping it.i used to go to her house to see her by making reason off watching tv and some time to play wit her kinds at that time i used to stare her and used to undress her throuhg my eyes and used to enjoy it and also some times touched her tremendously beautiful ass.

as days passed there family became closre amd closer to me aunts son was too naughty due to which she joined him in hostel and m=now only aunt,uncle and her daughter were in house. uncle used to go trips for different places for the sake off business and used to say me to sleep in there house at nit times bcoz aunty and her daughter were alone at home. i used to speak to aunt hours to gether that time and became still closer to aunt day by day. we used to exchange our thoughts, feelings etc......

later we were cracking naughty jokes and once i suddenly asked her about her sex life. she stood silent for few mins and said it was good during her 1st year off marriage and also they always used to do missionary and dint try anything new as her husabend used to ejaculate too fast and she never enjoyed sex and she got disapointed. i asked sorry for asking such question for which she replied it was ok and she asked me wether i had sex wit anyone for whoch i replied no. by her question a fier was oned in me. next she asked wether u hav seen any womer naked i said no she was surprised by my answer.

she asked me wether i liked to hav sex wit any particular girl or wether i hav attracted to any on. for which i hasitatedly answered yes. she asked who was thah, she forced me to say who was that after some time i replied its u aunty. for which she had some different kind off expression and went to room and locked the room. i was bit afraid and after some 15 mins she came out and asked am i so sexy to attarct u so i said yes aunty i was attracted to u by the 1st look.

she came and sat next to me and said that she dint had sex from past 5 yers wen she had her second baby and said her hubby was not intrusted in it and asked wether u can satisfy her sex desire. i was a bit tensed and even was very happy. the next minute i hugged her tightly and kissed on her lips and drew my tongue deep in her mouth and played wit her tongue for 15 mins.

she then went to her room and said i am ur slave use me how ever u want. i hugged her and was pressing her boobs from top of her nighty and she started enjoying it and was moning wit pleasure. i removed my pant and took out my tool and said her to suck it.......... my god she was an expert in it and sucked my cock really very good i was enjoying it a lot and was moaning loud ahhhhhhhhh shhhhhahhhhhhhh saru my sweet darling suck it hard succccck it hard ahhhhhhhh shhhhhahhhhhhhh i want cum in ur mouth ahhhhahhhhhh hmmmmmm ahhhhhh icame deep in her mouth after 5 mins off her sucking she completly cleaned my cum using her tounge.

i completele un dressed her my god she had completely shaved white pussy which was glowing wit her pre cum. i started sucking her boobs and slowly inserted my figers in her pussy and started finger fucking her slowly i went down and started licking her pussy she stretched her legs and pushed my head deep and was moaning in pleasure saying hmmmmmmmm lick it hard shah shhhahhh shhahh shhahh hmmmmmm hard hard hardddddddddddd ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and came on face after 5 mins i cleaned it from my tongue and planted a deep lip kiss to her.
we both were hot by that time and couldnt control and i inserted my cock in to her hole as it was wet before it was easy for me to insert and started fucking her hard, she started screaming in pain ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh tare me darling tare me apart ahhhhhhhhhhh still faster still harder still deeper commmmmmmmmmme on commmmmmmmmme onnnnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhh shhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. later i fucked her in doggy style we fucked for more than a hour she came 3 time contiounsly later i came deep in her shouting loud jannu i am coming ahhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhahahhhhhhahhhhhh due to which she came for the 4th time later we slept few mins and she started sucking my cock again due to which it was erect in 5 mins then i said her to turn back and applied some body lotion on her ass hole and on my cock and inserted in her ass and fucked for 10 mins then i came deep in her and we had a lot off mating the whole nit and both enjoyed a lot

after that when ever we got time we both had sex and pleasurised each other and till today we hav sex wit each other


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Fuck her hard dude. ..... A mans pleasure

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