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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Widow

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The incident dates back 2009, when I had just arrived at the capital of India, New Delhi. Then employed in a finance firm I was paid handsomely n got a nice appartment for rent at South Delhi. Living in an appartment with all facilities, job satisfactory I fel I was at cloud 9. Everyday i used to party with my friends at my place and somedays didnot even hesitate bringing prostitute those days.

Sakshi was my neighbour those days. Widow at 32 and a kid to bring up. she had all th pressures and sorrows of life. Always dressed in a white saree or a white salwar kameez she used to drop her kid at school n then go n work for some NGO.Mostly my office timings coincided with her. I never imagined her in any bad sense, but that i accidentally saw her back( the area between the blouse n hips). It was brownish white and god, truly speaking it drove me crazy-i just expexted if i can see her hips n den bums. That i decided i will take her to bed, akthugh i knew i was morally worng but who can avoid d desires. I took my first mive n started beng friends with her.

With the passing time we became very good friends. Whenever her son was not there I used he oppurtunity to get into her house. We used to talk on books , politics, gender bias n lot of issues. I knew I was slowly making my way into her trust zone. Her husabnd had died in an accident when she was pregnant. They had a kove marriage. It had been 5 years since the accident happened and since then she never took interest in any other man and her desires were killed. But I had taken the challenge and was right on my track.

One day she was returning back home after dropping her son for school early morning. I invited her to my place for some morning tea. I loved the way she smiled and said, "Ohh...Mukherjee ji aap plz main nahin aa shakti." I replied,"Koi baat nahin, maein chaye banata hun aur aap k yaha aajata hun." She laughed at and agreed to come into my house. She was stunned by the way I bein a 26 year old bachelor maintained my house. We sat in the balcony, and suddenly topic came about health n fitness. She appreciated my habit of daily exercising n even wished to see my trademill n dumbells. And I had hit the bulls eye, my instruments were in the bedroom.

I sarted friendly chatting with her, n let her even try the treadmill. While she was doing it I held her hips casually n before she could even realize i asked her," now run fast". The instant site of her bums moving through her salwar gave me an erection. She was starting to sweat because of the excercise even when the ac was at 21. I could see her black bra. I asked her to stop it n slwly sit on d bed and not to take water. She couldnot stop herself and lied down on the bed. Now my dish was ready.

She complainedof pain in her hips. I said i need to apply d balm der since coz of the pain she couldnot go bac n also cant use her hands to apply. She was bit hesitant initially but finally agreed. She had loosened her salwar n lifted her kameez, guys u can imagine what i must be going through.I slowly removed her panty and started applying thee balms in her bums also. She was starting to realize what I had in my mind, but she was also feeling a man's hand through her spines n bums after a dryness of 5 years. She was starting to get wild when I totre her kameez. she looked helpless but bit excited standing before me just in a bra and half sliped panty and a loosened kameez. i slowly moved towards her andcaressed her face. i pulled her near me and kissed her ears n eyes. She was starting to loose control. She gripped me tightly and finally i got the green signal when to my caressing her hairs she resting her head on my chest tried to bite me.

i threw on her on bed and started to kiss her all over.i pulled of her bra and tore her salwar too. Her panty and my pants came down at d same time. For a moment it seemed she had forgotten everything and enjoyed like a college girl. She was moaning in my arms like a hungry panthress whn i put my 6" dick in her drought ridden pussy. I was just keeping on banging her to her staisfaction and to which she even tore my bed sheets. She then turned around and started smooching me madly again. Giving my dick some rest I started fingering her pussy. She was at her paek, all mad. I threw her back to bed and started biting her breasts till she bleeded. She screamed n screamed and scratched me all over , My dick gaining back the erection i decided to rub it near her pussy. she was no more a human and started biting me all over. I just put my dick in her desperate hole n den she lost all of it and went to sleep. After giving her some thrust for 8-9 times even I fell asleep on her and woke up at afternoon. She gave me a confused look after waking up and did not know what to say. She wrapped herself with a bedsheet and walked back home.

From the back of her door I could hear a lady crying loudly, may be she couldnot forgive herself. But these things couldnot curb her desires. keep checking for my upcoming dtails on encounters with her-The Widow.


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