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Monday, October 1, 2012

Daughter's Friend

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This event happen 10 years ago when my daughter Megan was still living at home. Her best friend was a girl named Amy who often spent the night with us.
I had seen Amy grow from a little girl to a hot teen. I often caught myself looking at her body and one night when she was spending the night I could not resist smelling a pair of her dirty panties that she had left in the bathroom. I loved the smell and I ended up jacking off.
One night she was spending the night and they came in from after being with their boyfriends. Amy came out dressed in just a short nightie and said Megan was not feeling well and went to bed. My wife had been on third shift at the hospital for 12 nights in a row and she had not been giving me any since she was so tired, so I was getting a bit horny, so seeing Amy caused me to get an instant erection.
The short nightie did little to cover her long legs and I checked them out and her pretty feet with her painted red toenails.
Amy was giggly and I could smell alcohol and I asked had they been drinking. She said they had been at Megan's boyfriend's house and his parents were gone and they got in the liquor cabinet. She said Megan got sick and that is why she went to bed.
Amy seem to be enjoying be in front of me in just her nightie. I told her she was so pretty and she thanked me. She asked me it I thought she had a nice body and I told her that it was one of the best I had ever seen. Amy told me she had a good time that night and she had sex twice with her boyfriend and she was a real mess. She shocked me when she asked would I like to see and I said hell yes.
Amy got right in front of my face and raised her nightie to show her wet pussy. She was so wet that all her pubic hairs were matted together. I was having having a tough time keeping my hands off her, but I had to remember she was only 17 and she was my daughter's best friend.
Amy then shocked me again when she told me that she always thought I was the hottest dad she knew and even though she had sex twice already she was still horny and could I help her. I jumped out of the chair and she could see my erection though my pants. Amy said it looked like I had a big one and she could not wait.
We went in the bedroom and I locked the door and left the light on so I could see Amy's body. She took off her nightie and asked me what I thought. She had large breast I when I felt them they were so soft. I took off my clothes and when she saw my uncut, big cock her eyes got big. She said he had never seen an uncut cock and I rolled the foreskin back. Amy got on her knees and started sucking it. This girl was good at giving head and I was about to cum, so I stopped her because I knew that I had to have my cock in her young pussy.
I laid her on the bed and she spread her legs as far as she could and told me to see how full of cum she was. I loved her pink pussy and when I slid a finger in her, some cum leaked out. Amy told me to taste her and I was so horny I didn't think twice. The taste of her boyfriend's cum and her juices was not bad and she grabbed the back of my head with her hands to pull my face even more in to her wet pussy.
Amy had an orgasm while I was doing this and I could not take it any longer so I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I asked Amy had she ever Had a 9 incher before and she said no, but wanted it badly.
I buried it all in her young, hot pussy and I could not believe I was screwing my daughter's best friend. I gave her a good work out before shooting off in her. So much cum had leaked out that not only were the sheets soaked, but so was the mattress. I changed the sheets so the wife would not know and dried the mattress the best I could.
Amy said she was a real mess now and would I shower with her. She wanted to clean me and she especially loved rolling my foreskin back so she could wash my cock. Amy said she could not resist and she started sucking my cock again. I could not believe it when I got a hard again and she kept sucking it until I shot off in her mouth. She swallowed it all and said it tasted just like her boyfriends.
I got with Amy many times after that sometimes at our house when she was spending the night and would sneak out off Megan's bedroom and other times at her house when her parents were gone.
One day at her parent's house she told me would it make me mad if she told me a secret. I promised her it would not and she shocked me when she said that she gets with Megan often and in fact she had a video of them together that she had made and would I like to see it. At first I thought no, but then I said why not. I got over quickly seeing Megan nude and in fact I thought she looked great. Amy had videoed Megan with her cunt spread open while she was masturbting and at close range, which even this did not bother me.The girls really were getting into begin filmed and I got a huge erection which Amy noticed, She started giving giving me one of her classic blow jobs while I watched her and Megan on the video.When I shoot off in Amy's mouth, she could not swallow it all.
I saw the video a few more times at Amy's house and enjoyed it ever time.
Amy and Megan graduated night school the next year and both were roommates at college. Amy and I got together a few more times after that, but we later went our separate ways.
I will always cherish these great times together.


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