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Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Sex with my Future Son In Law

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For the past two years, my daughter Supriya has been dating a young man named Ravi. Ravi is a clean-cut boy, a football star at their high school and really handsome. At the age of 18, Ravi was two years older than my daughter and always seemed more physically mature than my beautiful baby-girl.

One day when I was cleaning Supriya's room, I came across her diary. Although I knew I shouldn't, I couldn't resist seeing what she had written in it. As I began to skim the pages, I was shocked to read about how much pressure Ravi had been putting on Supriya to put out. According to Supriya's own words, Ravi was demanding sex and threatening to break off their relationship if it didn't happen. I knew how much Supriya cared for Ravi, but I knew she wasn't ready for sex. She could barely watch it acted out on TV without getting uncomfortable and whenever I tried to talk to her about sexual feelings she clammed up.

That night in bed, I talked to my husband Anil about the issue. He agreed that he didn't want Ravi and Supriya to break up. "Ravi is such a great guy and he's going to university for dentistry in the Fall. Plus, his father and I are golf buddies. It would be really messy for them to break up and I know Supriya would be completely heartbroken."

"What should we do?" I asked him. "Maybe we should get a prostitute to treat him a couple of times a week."

Anil didn't like that idea. "I don't want him catching anything that might affect our daughter's health, plus, I want to get him used to lovemaking not just fucking."

I agreed. Ravi needed to learn how to treat a woman right, not just use her as a hole.

"Well," Anil sighed, "Supriya's going to Pune to visit your sister next weekend and I'm at the golf course all day. Maybe Ravi could come over then and you could take care of it."

My face went flush. "What do you mean, 'take care of it'?"

"Well, it's not the first time you've handled a cock right?" Anil observed.

He wasn't kidding but I smirked anyway. "Yes-"

"And you've always liked Ravi physically anyway and well, I don't want to see Supriya lose out because she wasn't ready to put out."

"Do you think Ravi would actually go for me?"

Anil put his hand on mine. "Of course."

I'm nearly 43, but I never lost the maintenance level I kept up while I was a model in my twenties. Guys always loved my long black hair, nice legs and, well, ample bosoms which have never lost their perk. I've always been thin too. No matter what I eat, I could never break past 49 kg.

I snuggled into my loving husband's arms. "And you won't be mad?"

"I think it's for the best." He assured me, stroking my hair as I fell asleep.
That Saturday, Anil went to the golf course early and Supriya had left for her trip to her aunt's the night before. Around ten in the morning, I called up Ravi's cell phone and told him to come over to the house immediately if he wasn't busy. He said he was running some errands for his dad, but could come by within an hour.
I told him that was perfect and used the time to dress myself up in the prettiest, tightest most revealing dress I could find in my closet. It was a small black number whose hem barely covered my camel toe. I clipped my lace stockings to my garters and applied some light makeup. I also washed my bum and pussy just to be sure there weren't any unpleasant surprises for Ravi. My pussy had been shaved just a day ago, so I skipped that ritual.

When Ravi finally arrived, I greeted him at the front door and brought him into the living room. I told him to take a seat on the couch and get comfortable as I fetched us lemonade.

I handed him a glass and sat next to him on the sofa.

"So Mrs.Raut, what's going on?"

"I've heard you want to have sex with my daughter and I want you to know, she isn't ready."

He looked at me with a surprised expression, "Mrs. Raut!"

"I want you to know my daughter is 16 and she isn't ready for the responsibility of having sex. Not even giving head."

He looked at me shocked. He couldn't believe I was speaking so frankly.

I looked him over. His 6'0, 58 Kg frame made him seem more like a man than a boy, but his eyes were still sparkling with youth. Best of all, playing football had packed some real muscles onto his powerful forearms which I know Supriya loved. I tried to resist reaching out to touch them.

"Ravi," I asked him gently, taking a sip of my lemonade, "Does it bother you Supriya won't have sex with you?"

"Well, everybody else on the team is getting laid, so I guess so." He looked truly dejected. "I've heard getting laid makes you more relaxed and less wound up."

"Well, do you masturbate?" I asked him.

"Well, um- I don't know if I should-"

"You can tell me."

"Sure," he confessed, "but I'm 18 and I've never even seen a pussy. I'm really thinking of breaking up with Supriya."

"But you two are in love, aren't you?"

Ravi nodded. "Of course I mean, ever since I met her I knew she was the one. She's the only girl I've ever kissed."

My heart warmed. They were such a special couple. I knew I couldn't let Ravi break up with Supriya.

"Don't cheat on her Ravi. She'll be worth waiting for and think about your wedding day. It'll be so much more special, knowing you both waited."

"It seems so far away." Ravi said, finishing his lemonade.

Now it was time for the tough part. "Ravi, Supriya said you threatened to rape her."

"That' not true!" Ravi cried. "I didn't say anything like that!"

I picked Supriya's diary up from the coffee table and read the passage I marked:

Ravi is such an asshole. He's always trying to fuck me. I was thinking about giving him head but he got so aggressive I said no. Then he slapped me and said I should get raped for being a cocktease. Why is he so mean?

I closed her diary. "Ravi, I won't put up with you abusing or threatening my daughter." I said sharply.

Ravi nodded. "I'm sorry..."

"No more rape talks then. Promise me."
"Yes Mrs. Raut. I promise." He stood up as if to go.

"Well Ravi, I wouldn't hurry off just yet. I've got a proposition." Standing over me, I noticed his eyes locked on my large breasts and the cleavage my dress revealed. "I don't want this to go on any longer Ravi, so, I've been thinking... maybe I could be your surrogate."

He looked at me with a weird glance. "A surrogate?"

" Yes. A sex surrogate. You could use me for sex until Supriya is ready."

"But Mrs. Raut that's so wrong!" Ravi said his mouth agape. "You're my future mother in law!."

"Well, you couldn't tell anyone."

"And what about your husband?"

"My husband is none of your business." I clarified. "Now, either you can forget about this, or I can help you out. I think it would be better than you cheating with some slut who wants to take you away from Supriya"

I could tell by the pitch in his pants that he was excited about my offer, but he didn't let me know right away.

"Really?" He asked, dumbfounded.

"Really" I replied. "I mean, I sort of look like her don't I? My boobs are a bit bigger, and my face is more mature of course, but the rest is close, right?"

He looked at me with a sudden, excited passion. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted to devour me right there.

I told him to follow me and brought him into the guest room we keep on the first floor of our bungalow. I thought I'd spare Supriya and my husband the tension of taking him in their beds. I mean, I wasn't cheating, I was just helping after all.

"Ok Ravi. We're going to take this nice and slow. So just relax ok?" I sat down on the bed, as he walked up to me. His tent was now at my eye level and I could tell he was about to burst right through his pants unless I did something immediately.

Ravi gasped as I reached out my hands to his belt, undoing it. His cock sprung at me like a cobra.

"Wow! It's really big!" I said, giggling. I held his eight inch monster cock lovingly in my hands as it hardened even more. "Supriya is really going to enjoy this when she's of age." I winked at him, rubbing it. "Do you think about Supriya when you masturbate?"

He nodded yes.

"I want you to close your eyes and think of her right now, ok?"

"Yes..." He mumbled as I continued to jerk his cock. It felt so impossibly hard in my hand.

"What does she do in your fantasies?"

"She lets..." He gasped at the words, enjoying the handjob so much, "Lets me fuck her."

"What else?"

" She... uhhh... Sucks my cock."

"Like this?' I purred, licking his cock head all over. He moaned as I eased my mouth over it trying to deep throat. I tickled his balls with my long fingernails as I looked up at him with big wet eyes. I spit on his dick and slurped it up like ice cream before putting him back in my throat.

He looked at my breasts, fixated by them. What was it with boys and boobs, I thought, undoing the front of my blouse without taking his dick from my mouth. My tits were held in a pink underbra which Ravi helped me unhook with fumbling hands.

With my breasts entirely exposed, he wasted no time putting his hands on them. When he fondled my nipples an electric feeling rang out in my clit. His awkwardness only excited me more. I could hear his panting quicken and told him to relax and that he would get everything.

I lifted his cock to his stomach and licked his balls, gently sucking one after the other into my mouth.

I took my time, making sure they were well moistened. Then I brought his cock back to my lips and sucked him in again. Getting into a full bobbing motion I corkscrewed his dick with my hand as I snuggled him into my throat, gagging twice. This kid was quite the mouthful.

Getting on the couch, I laid back and spread my legs giving him a nice view of my hot pink panties. Getting on his knees, he pushed my panties to the side and sunk his tongue into my hole. Although he was enthusiastic, he certainly had some technique problems. For one, he was licking all around the hole. I softly took his chin and tilted it up so that the point of his tongue was now on my clit.

"Feel that nub?" I said, opening my pussy lips wide to show him my pink parts while pulling my labia hood up and setting his tongue on it. "That's a clit and it feels really good when you lick me there."

"Yes ma'am," He said, zestfully returning to my pussy to try it out. He was much better now. "Yes, keep going... Just like that." I encouraged him.

"You taste really good Mrs. Raut." He mumbled.

"Thanks Ravi. That's very mature of you. Some guys don't like that taste at all."

Suddenly I could feel my first orgasm building deep inside me. Ravi was amazed that my whole body could spasm just because of his tongue on that one special place. I shuddered as my whole body contracted.

"Are you ok, Mrs. Raut?" Ravi asked concerned, as my pussy contracted in violent bursts.

"No, no baby," I said, feeling it deep inside me. "I just didn't think you could make me do that so quickly."

He smiled at the compliment.

"But I think it's time for you to put your penis in there now, ok?"

I leaned back and opened my endless legs wider for my daughter's boyfriend. I slipped my panties off as he stared at my pussy for a moment before attempting to mount me.

"Is that where Supriya came from?" He asked, wondrously.

"Yes," I said, sinking a finger into my hole. "Right here."

He moved towards me with his big cock, hungry now for pussy.

"Wait." I said, stopping him. "I almost forgot the condom! There's one in the drawer over there."

He looked at me with an 'aw shucks' expression.

"Now honey, you know we have to be safe and remember, we're doing this so you'll be experienced when it comes time to make love to Supriya right? You wouldn't go inside her without a condom would you?"

He started to protest before I told him to hurry up. He opened the drawer and retrieved the condom. I took it from him and inspected the package. It looked fine so I tore it open and showed the rubber to Ravi.

Putting the tip of the condom between my lips, I rolled it over his cock with my mouth, doing it perfectly.

Ravi looked at me impressed, but still not happy.
"Did I hurt you?"

"It's so tight on my penis!"

"Don't worry," I smiled, stroking his throbbing cock. "It'll be ok in a while."

I resumed my spread position but Ravi failed to locate my pussy. Helping him, I slipped his stiff cock into my womb. It took my pussy a little while to accept his entire girth and I could feel my pussy getting stretched.

"Good boy." I whispered into his ear. His cock felt amazing inside me now as he rocked in and out. "How do you like pussy?"

He grunted. "It feels.. feels so good."

"In and out..." I said, trying to get him into a rhythm.. "In.. Out... In... Out..."

He took me like that for about ten minutes, before pulling out and flipping me onto all fours.

"Oh Ravi, where did you learn this?"

"From watching porn with the team" He said honestly. I felt him spread my cheeks with his large hands, my gooey cunt dripping before his eyes.

"What are you looking at?" I asked him sweetly, feeling his eyes burning.

"Your asshole." He answered, licking his finger and pushing it up my brown hole. I couldn't help but wince a little as he put his cock in my pussy. He found his way by himself this time and when he grabbed my shoulders I knew I was going to get it.

He started fucking me hard from behind. I could feel my ass slap against his hips. "Fucking dirty whore!"

I immediately stopped fucking him and looked back over my shoulder. "Pardon me?"

"Umm..." He turned red.

"What did you say?"


"Ravi, if you want to fuck me, you'll have to respect me. Understand? Do you think it's respectful to call your potential step-mother, a 'fucking whore'.?"


"This is why I don't think it's a good idea for you to have my daughter until you're ready."

"But...Ravi pleaded. His dick was still in my pussy, but I felt it soften, which was disappointing, but I had to lay down the law. "Call me Mrs. Raut from now on when you fuck me."

"Yes Mrs. Raut," He whimpered, as if about to burst into tears.

"Oh honey, it's ok," I said, turning around and hugging him. I cradled his head in my breasts."Just remember, I'm here because I want to give you and my daughter a chance. I'm not your whore, or your slut or your cockhole. Ok?"

"Yes, Mrs. Raut."

"Now go ahead and keep doing me baby."

He had me back on all fours. After about thirty minutes of taking his jumbo cock from behind, the condom started bothering me.

Since I was on the pill and Ravi was nowhere near done, I offered him the chance to fuck me bareback.

"Really?!? He said, lighting up like a little boy on Christmas morning. He wasted no time getting the condom off. "I'm only offering this because the condom is chafing and I'm on birth control."

He nodded. Somehow his dick seemed even bigger without it.

"Now this is a definite no-no with Supriya, ok?" I warned him. I was beginning to realize how important it was to protect my daughter from this inexperienced, overzealous boy. Although Ravi was legal, he certainly wasn't making wise choices. I sucked his cock to get it hard again, tasting the condom residue on it. Then I got back on all fours, which seemed to be Ravi's favorite position. I put my head face first into my pillow to help Ravi fantasize that he was doing my daughter.

"Who are you thinking about Ravi?" I asked him, needing to know. "Are you thinking about Supriya? Are you thinking about what it would be like to be in her?"

"Yes," Ravi grunted. Suddenly, he took his dick out of my pussy and tried slam it up my butt! I turned around quickly...

"No Ravi. No anal tonight."

"But you said I could have everything!" He protested. I immediately regretted those words, but was in no mood for a discussion.

"Look, I already let you use my mouth and pussy bareback. You want in my bum too?"

He nodded, obviously.

"Well, if you want in it, you'll have to lick it."

"Ewww!" He said. "I'm not tasting your poop!"

I gave him a frown. "Then, you're obviously not ready for anal."


"No buts!" I laughed at the double entendre despite myself. "Until you lick mine."

He was still hesitant.

"Are you saying you wouldn't lick Supriya's asshole if she asked you?"

"But that's different!" Ravi tried to explain.

"I think I know what the problem is here Ravi. You've never had your asshole licked before have you?"

"No, never Mrs. Raut."

I told him to get on all fours himself now.

Guys are so funny when they have to show a submissive side. I could tell Ravi was bothered a little about turning around and bending over for me. "I think it might be dirty." He said sheepishly, spreading his cheeks.

I inspected his anus and he was right. It was a bit smelly.

"Well," I said, "I guess I have to clean it." I began licking his asshole and within seconds it tasted pretty fine.

Ravi jerked himself and groaned as I put my pink tongue to his pucker.

"Does it feel good Ravi? You like having my tongue up your asshole?"

"Yess..." He hissed as my tongue alternated between his balls and bumhole, trying to penetrate his seal.
Suddenly the door to the guest room opened and my husband Anil appeared. I froze, my tongue still touching Ravi's anus mid-lick. I hoped Ravi wouldn't void himself in my mouth because he was nervous and started shaking.

"Hi honey." I said to Anil, Ravi's asshole quivering inches from my nose..

"Oh hey babe." He said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world for his wife to be rimming her daughter's boyfriend. "Rain is coming, so we got off the course early. Enjoying yourself Ravi?"

Ravi looked over his shoulder. "Yes, Mr. Raut." Ravi looked as confused as can be.

"Ravi agreed to our plan dear."

Anil smiled. "That's fantastic!

"We're going to have three sex sessions a week to protect Supriya and also teach Ravi everything he'll need to know about taking her virginity."

Anil walked over and looked at Ravi's nine inch cock. "Perfect." Anil shook Ravi's hand, smiling. "Ravi, I want to thank you for taking my wife instead of my daughter. It means a lot to me."

"No...No problem..." Ravi stuttered.

"Now dear, give us some privacy please!" Anil nodded and told us to have fun as he left, closing the door behind him.

With that, Ravi went back at me even more ferociously. He tossed me on my back and began to ram my pussy properly. He sucked my nipples and earlobes, kissing me all over In return, I did everything he asked. Yes, including anal.

By the end of the three hours we were fucking I counted six orgasms and could barely walk.

Finally, I guess Ravi had had enough. He turned around and without even asking, shot a massive load of white cum onto the bridge of my nose and cheeks.

This upset me a little. "Ravi, you have to ask when you want to cum on a girl's face silly! You can't just do it!"

Ravi apologized weakly as I scraped the cum off my face and ate it."So, how was that Ravi? "Will I make a good surrogate?"

He couldn't even answer he was so exhausted. I licked the rest of the cum off his cock head and kissed his lips again. We napped for an hour to regain our strength and then he left without a further word.

Over the next year, Ravi and I had sex three times a week. Sometimes, if his family or my family were home, I would rent a hotel for us, so we could have a really long lesson. I even shared him with some of my girlfriends.

Eventually, Supriya broke up with Ravi and they never did get married. He wanted to keep fucking, but I denied him. After all, it wasn't interesting anymore and I had my sights on my daughter's new fiancée. I wonder if they're active yet?


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