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Monday, October 8, 2012

My Wife and Her Boss

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It was going on 8:00 pm and my wife, Mona, still had not come home. I once again flipped through the channels trying to find something to watch. I was use to my wife's late hours, so naturally, I have already eaten and no longer waited for her to come home to cook.

We've been married for little over five years and until now, I had no reason to suspect that she was cheating on me. About six months after her new boss, Larry Simmons, had bought the fifty room bed and breakfast that she helped to manage, Mona had been putting in a lot of over time. I understand that with a new position comes a pay raise and new resposiblilities, but come on!! She's doing the exact same job as before with a few new ones added.

Like I said before, Mona helps to manage a bed and breakfast; The Lazy Daze Inn. Her added duties are now arranging weddings and receptions for couples who stay there. This was right up her alley even though she complained about how tiring it was.

Oh, don't get me wrong about her. She's a beautiful energetic thirty-three year old woman. Mona is about five and a half feet tall with long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and nice shapely 30C tits. She stays in shape by working out at the gym. She also says that the work outs help her to relax and unwind, especially after stressful days. She's constantly running from one errand to another and hardly has time to eat. She occasionaly gets to grab a bite of something as she runs through the kitchen from one errand to another.

Oh, my name is Ray. Ray Middleton. I just recently had my thirty-fifth birthday. I'm about five foot seven with short black hair and brown eyes. Unlike my wife, I work in an office all day, so I'm a little flabby around the middle, but not fat mind you. I too enjoy to work out, but not like Mona.

Mona's boss, Larry, on the other hand is around forty with graying black hair and blue eyes. He has to be at least six feet tall because he has to look down at me. It's not hard to see why all the woman that work at The Lazy Daze Inn are all awe struck with him. So, I guess it wouldn't be too hard to see why my wife would take a fancy to him.

Looking at the mantle clock, I saw that it was now going on 9:00 pm. "Damn it," I said out loud, "Where the hell is she?" Having had enough of these late nights I decided to drive out to the inn and see just what was taking her so long. By now, my imagination was working over time and I just knew that she had had a wreck or something and couldn't get to help.

I watched carefully as I drove the only way there is out to the inn. Fifteen minutes later, I was releaved to see her car in one piece as I pulled into the employee parking area. Other than a few lights in the main foyer and a few in the occupied rooms, the only light on was the one in Larry's cottage off to the side. Deciding that it would be easier to ask him where she was than to hunt for her and take the chance of her leaving before I saw her, I headed there. Plus, this would give me the chance to tell Larry off and inform him that I wanted my wife to start making it home at a descent hour.

As I reached the sidewalk that led around to his door, a movement inside caught me eye. Stopping in my tracks, I did a double take to make sure that what I was seeing was in deed real. Looking around to make sure that no one saw me, I stepped closer to the window. It was dark inside, except for the few candles that flickered. There on the couch sat a naked Larry Middleton. Knelt down on the floor between his legs was a naked woman, serving his cock with her mouth. I could feel the tingling in my own cock. I was reminded just how wonderful Mona was a giving head.

Looking back around to make sure that I was indeed still alone, I walked over and lended up against the house so that I could better see. Unzipping my pants and now exposing my hard seven inches, I began to stoke it as I watched this woman have her way with Larry's cock. It wasn't until I heard Larry moaning did I realize that the window was up. The muffled sounds of the woman as her head bobbed up and down on him could also be heard.

From my spot, I could tell that the woman, like my wife had strawberry blonde hair. I didn't think much of this because I had seen at least three other women that work here with the same hair color. Plus, for all I knew, she could be a guest here. It wasn't until I heard him said, "MMM Mona. Mona. Oh, damn it, Mona.", did I realize that it was my wife that I was watching giving her boss a blow job.

Part of me wanted to jump up, run in there, and beat the hell out of them. The other part of me wanted to stay right where I was and watch. The second part won over and I grew hornier and hornier as I watched my wife service her boss. Once again, I was stroking my cock.

As Larry and Mona changed positions, I couldn't help but notice how much bigger than me he was. I mean, I not little by no means; a good six and half inches and thicker than the average guy. But Larry had to be at least nine inches long and thick. It would take two of me just to make his thickness. "No wonder Mona's so excited to have him," I thought to myself.

Mona now laid on her back on the couch. Larry laid on top of her, passionately kissing her. He then kissed his way down her neck and too her perfect breasts. He sucked and nibbled at the right one as his hand massaged the other. Mona moaned with pleasure. I continued to stroke myself as I watched my wife with her boss.

Larry's mouth now was on her left breast as he massaged the one he had just finished sucking on. He teased and sucked it, driving my wife crazy as he did. I tighten the grip I had on my cock as Larry began kissing his way down Mona's stomach, making his way to her strawberry blonde triangle just above her perfect pussy. Mona arched her back and gave out a light squeal as Larry's tongue flicked and danced on her clit.

"Oh, Larry," Mona moaned. Mona moved her hands to Larry's head and ran her fingers through his wavy black hair. As she did, she pressed his face closer to her. "Oh, Larry," she gasped. "That's it, baby. Eat my pussy." For several minutes I continued to stroke myself as I watched my wife have the time of her life with another man. When she had had all that she could take, which was about six orgaisms later, Larry again laid on top of her and passionately kissed her.

Spreading her legs wider, I notice Larry move his hand between them as he positioned his thick nine inches to my wife's opening. Raising up with his arms, his hips pushed himself into her. I could tell that this wasn't the first time that they had been together. If it had of been, she would have indicated it in some way as his bigger cock spread her.

Larry's hips now rocked as his cock pumped in and out of my wife. I too slowly stroked my own cock. Mona moaned as she climaxed three times in this position. I so deperately wanted to she her ride him, to watch her breasts bounce in front of his face as he tried to catch them with his mouth. As if reading my mind, Larry got off of Mona and pulled her up to him. I watched as she straddled him and slowly began to ride him. Slowly at first, her breast moved infront of his face. Gradually her rythem increased and soon her tits where bouncing in front of him. Larry tried to catch them as they did. She organism at least four more times and I knew that soon she would be giving out. As if right on cue, she collapsed on top of him.

Placing her on all fours, he once again entered her, but this time roughly. This roughness turned her one even more. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he bagan to bang away at her, saying as did, "I bet Ray never fucks you as good as I do? Is my cock the reason you enjoying working late, Mona? Is it, huh?" "Yes," she panted, "Oh, fuck yes."

So she had been fucking him. Hearing her admit it caused me to increase my rythem. I knew that soon both Larry and I would blow our loads. "Fuck her good," I kept saying to myself as he grabbed her strawberry blonde hair and pulled it. There bodies slapped against each other as he said, "I'm gonna cum, Mona. I'm gonna fill you with my cum. Not Ray's cum. MINE!" A few more storkes from both Larry and I and we were both shooting our loads; Larry all in my wife and me all over the side of the house.

"Oh, Larry," Mona panted, "you're the best lover I've ever had. Better than my old boss."

"What," I asked myself, "your old boss. Just how many guys has she fucked since we've been together?" I couldn't take any more. I quickly pulled my pants up and walked around to the door. Quietly opening it, I walked into the living room where they were at. Mona was still on her hands and knees with Larry's nine full inches in her. Clearing my throat, they both looked up with a "Oh Shit!" look on their faces.

"R-R-Ray," Larry stammered. Finally getting his senses back, he pulled out of my wife.

"Oh, God, baby," Mona said. "It's not what it looks like."

"Oh, really," I said, standing with my arms crossed. "If it's not what it looks like, then why didn't the two of you notice me outside the window, jacking off as I watched him give you the fucking of your life."

By now the two of them where getting dressed. "What," they exclaimed together.

"Yeah," I said as I sat down in the recliner next to the couch. "I got here just as you were sucking him, baby. I didn't know that it was you at the time, but when I found out, well, I just kept stroking with it."

Larry and Mona were surprised to hear that I wasn't mad. Since then, I have watched my wife with Larry on several occassions. Larry also enjoys watching as Mona and I fuck. There has even been a few occassions when both Larry and I will watch as she fucks another man besides us. I don't mind sharing my wife, just as long as I get to watch and participate when I want.


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