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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Sum With a Stranger in Office Party

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It was a company party. It was quite lavish. They had hired a dance band, caterer, and a full bar. It was mandatory that all employees attend. My wife and I had arrived early planning to be seen and then disappear early.

We enjoyed some food and had a couple of drinks. We danced a few times and I danced with my boss's wife while he danced with mine. After that I figured we had made our attendance known and could safely leave.

We were both feeling a little romantic. It was the right time of the month for her to get pregnant and we had planned to rush home and enjoy making a baby.

The drinks had made me even hornier and I decided we didn't need to wait until we got home. I pulled my wife down a darkened hallway into a small alcove near the CEO's office. I hugged her and we kissed. The music came to us softly from a distance. We moved slowly to the music, more swaying rather than dancing.

We both knew no one could see us. It was so dark we could just barely make out each other. I could see the glow in her eyes as she realized we could make love right here and no one would know. I could feel her heartbeat accelerate even as my own did.

I moved my hands down over her ass, cupping her cheeks and pulling her tight to me. She slowly ground her pussy against my growing cock. I was watching the passion surging in her eyes as we kissed, when I suddenly felt another body press against her ass. At the same time a pair of hands slid between us molding themselves over her breasts.

Her eyes flew wide in alarm. I was surprised but, strangely, not overly worried. Then I looked into her eyes.

The shock and fear in her eyes stirred a hidden, animal desire in me.

It felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. I was having a hard time breathing.

But for some reason my cock became harder than ever before. She stood still, afraid to move.

I softly bit her lips and then licked them. I opened my mouth and enclosed her lips in mine. I sucked on her lips as I continued to lick them. Her eyes still stared at me in fear, but I could also see the passion returning.

I don't know what came over me, but the fear in her eyes just made me hotter. I lusted for her fear. It was almost like I was raping her.

I could feel his erection pressing against my hands and her ass at the same time as I felt his hands between us squeezing her breasts. As I moved my hands from her ass I could feel him press his cock tighter to her.

His dark face came into my view as he leaned down and bit her shoulder and neck.

She moaned softly into my hungry mouth as he manhandled her breasts. The combination of her fear and passion were driving me wild. I was becoming a lust crazed animal.

I ran my hands up her arms to her shoulders and then lowered the thin straps holding her top up. As her top fell over the stranger's hands he grabbed it and pulled it down to her waist, exposing her white breasts. Her hard nipples stood out proudly, defying her attacker.

My knees got weak as I saw his black hands cover her white tits and squeeze them, his fingers digging into her soft flesh. She whimpered softly as he cruelly pinched her hard nipples.

I rubbed my hands down her arms and then onto her hips and down her legs as far as I could reach. I took her skirt between my fingers and started slowly raising it.

I covered her mouth again with mine. Her sweet breath was blowing hotly in my mouth as I raised her skirt to her waist.

I put my hands over our unknown black lover's hands and pushed them down to her hips. As he held her hips in place I pulled her head down with me as I knelt in front of her. I was on my knees with my lovely wife bent over at the waist, our mouths locked together.

I reached out and ripped her panties down her legs. With the strength of a wild animal I tore her panties apart like they were paper. Hot tears of fear and passion were flowing from her eyes and burning a trail across my face.

Driven by lust I reached between their bodies and unfastened his pants. I pulled them open and lowered them enough for his manhood to be freed.

We were all frozen in place, waiting for something to happen. Then, I couldn't wait any longer. It was time for me to rape her. For the first time in my life I grasped another man's cock. I guided him into my wife's pussy. A moan escaped from her as the head of his cock found the entrance to her being.

He thrust all the way into her. Our lips were bruised as he drove us together.

I could feel her thrusting back to meet her rapist's thrusts.

I could hear his black thighs slapping against her white flesh as they drove together in their frantic fucking.

In just a few moments she screamed into my mouth as she experienced a violent orgasm.

Neither of them slowed their heated fucking.

I continued to hold her mouth in mine, feeling the breath being driven out of her body by the violence of their fucking. Her eyes held mine with their fear and passion.

A second scream filled my mouth as another orgasm crashed through her body.

Still, their bodies slammed together.

Suddenly, a low growl came from the black stranger as he buried his cock in my wife for the last time and exploded his cum deep in her womb. Her body trembled as he held her tightly to him and his balls pumped more and more of his fertile sperm in her.

The black rapist vanished.

I pulled her down to the floor and released my own cock.

I quickly drove into her. She whimpered as I fucked her ravaged pussy as hard as I could. She was so hot and wet that I only lasted a couple of minutes before I pumped my load of cum into her already drenched pussy.

I lay on top of her as my cock slowly softened. We lay together with my cock buried in the warmth of her being.

Feeling a cool breeze on my ass it suddenly dawned on me where we were and what had happened.

I helped her up and then helped to straighten her clothes.

I broke out in a cold sweat as we walked out of the party, realizing that in nine months my wife might give birth to a black child.


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