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Sunday, November 25, 2012

my prom night with my dad

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"It was my prom night, Daddy!" I whined out with a sobbing tone in my voice. "You know one of those special events that are supposed to stay with you forever, " I continued, "This is something that is supposed to be one of those nights that you tell your kids about one day."

"My buttercup, I am sorry about that, why don't you come home and talk about it. I know it's not a five star kitchen, but milk and coco will help anyway. I know I can help make you feel better. We can talk some and you will be able to get it all off of your chest. Daddy promises to be calm, even though I did not like that Peter boy. I promise not to criticize anything you need to tell me."

"Well, one thing is for sure: I know I wont forget it Daddy, but I am never going to tell my grand children that Peter fell asleep on my lap with his pants open, leaning towards me with his dick out. He was passed out cold before he even pulled down the zipper all the way."

You come home and I will have a hot bath waiting for you then some coco and boy-hating to take the edge of the evening. I will see you when you get home.

I hung up my cell phone, I was so embarrassed and I did not know what else to do so I came home with my head hung low. My father smiled at me and met me at the door. Gently he put his arm around my shoulders and brought me inside. He even wiped my tears away from my face with the 30$ silk napkin I had insisted on because it matched my dress.

We sat there in the kitchen until 3 o'clock in the morning talking about how embarrassed I had been that Peter had been so trashed the whole time we did not even dance, or more to the point, even talk. Poppa says that when boys are that age they tend to do stupid things, but that a man would never be so petty or unrefined.

My dad walked in front of me and pulled my shawl off my shoulders so that my gown was fully revealed and walked around behind me. His warm hands rolled over my shoulders and I could feel his sweet breath, from pipe tobacco, tickle my sense. I shuddered as I realized that my thighs had begun to tremble. My crotch began a slow warming sensation that fanned out from my thighs to every part of my body. He was breathing on my neck now, softly "you cannot feel too upset about Toby, he is just a boy. It is simply obvious that my daughter needs a man in her life and this boy," he said again, more sharply, "will just not do. For my stunningly beautify daughter."

I had been drinking heavily and smoking weed with the others and my mind was turning things around and my body felt sensations I had never experienced before. And I was shocked to feel my body react to my fathers presence in such a lusty way, it made me feel nervous...

"My little sweetheart, all grown up now, so beautiful. Your mother would weep if she saw how her beauty shines through you - like a flame. He began walking around me and holding out my arms so he could see my dress...

That is when I felt it!

My father's warm tongue began to run up the back of my neck into my hairline. He paused at the back of my ears and took in a deep breath of my perfumed hair. I felt his fingers dig into the back of my shoulders and he began to force me around to face him. When I looked up in his eyes I did not recognize him. It was though he was looking at me from far away. Even when he spoke his voice was from a distance and very low when he spoke.

He leaned over the front of my gown and buried his hands and face into my chest. My breasts cupping his face like the perfect frame for a beautiful painting. I could feel the vibrations of his words in my breasts as he moaned and called out my name over and over, mixing it sometimes with my mothers.

Then I felt the tugging, which began to give way to ripping. I started to cry out and he put his hand over my mouth and pressed me down onto the table with a force I had never felt before. I began to open my mouth to say something and he looked at me, through me, and then backhanded me. "You will not speak unless I tell you to, do you understand?"

Well of course I didn't but what was I supposed to do. I lay on the table as he stood over me. His robe was now gone, dropped in the corner of the kitchen. I looked up a little and he was staring at my thighs and stroking the shaft of his cock strongly - with such force and passion - I could feel his caresses, even though he was touching himself. The head of his penis began to engorge and become a deep purple crowned with glistening white drops of cum across the opening at the top.

He walked over to the cabinet on the side of the kitchen and took out a long carving knife. As soon as I saw the blade I began to struggle to get up, he was on top of me again within seconds cooing at me softly and saying that it would be fine, because daddy would show me how it felt to have a man and not some little boy. He went on saying that I should not want, that I would know true pleasure which only a true man could even begin to provide.

I began to tremble. The excitement overwhelmed me, was this really happening? Am I really lying on the kitchen table in the dark with my father cutting away my stockings and layers of my dress? He told me he did not want to hurt me, the knife was not to hurt but to remove the clothing in his way, and I realized that in his passion he could not unzip the dress from the back. Each move he made was almost akin to a prayer or artistic reflection.

I lay motionless on the table with my legs hanging over the chairs. He could see that I had calmed down, "good, good..." he said softly to himself. I began to hear the ripping on my dress and then I felt my father's cock, the largest penis I had ever seen at this point in my life, almost burning from the heat, pushing up against the lips of my vagina. He pulled the halves of my dress apart so that he could look at me as I lay there spread out on the table. He ran his fingers slowly through my legs and my pussy. He stopped at my pussy and began to moan himself as his fingers slid in without resistance.

As he pulled his hands from my pussy he licked them and sucked on them as though they were a cream to sweet to be wiped away and then ran them over my own lips. The musky odor of my own sex made my nipples and clit tremble with a shudder of pleasure, which I tasted when he finished.

He stopped very suddenly at this point and looking down at me, he smiled, "oh my baby girl" he said under his breath, "you are your mother all over again. "...If she could only see you..." he spread my legs as far as they could go and then held them open with his shoulders. He stood poised over my dripping pussy and slowly watched the effects it had on me. He asked me, "Chloe, do you have to go to the bathroom? Do you have to pee?" I did and when I said yes his eyes rolled back a little into his head. "Chloe, I am going to stand here and not let you move. I want you to pee for daddy, do you understand. "

"But Daddy! I will get it all over you I cried" he smiled and had a strange look of lust and fatherly patience on his face at the same time. "Do it muffin, do it for you daddy, you want to please your daddy don't you?"

I pushed down on my bladder and it was slow at first, since I was afraid, but then more powerful. I began to piss out in an arch onto his open chest while he held my legs open and watched with such burning passion in his eyes, I thought he might have become angry, that I had done something wrong, that he might hurt me.

Before I had even finished urinating I could feel him begin to enter me. My legs were still bent over his shoulders and up in the air. He began to lick the urine from my legs and my pussy with abandon and then I felt a hot stab of pain and he cried out as I screamed in pain. Not once letting me move he began to rock into me with a rhythm near to panic. He began grunting like an animal as I watched him. He grabbed my breasts, one in each hand and began to suckle them harder than anything I had felt before, but the ecstasy of it made me almost weep in pleasure and the pain of it.

I began to feel a change in the motions, the pain had begun to fade and this caused his motions to become more violent. I shuddered in ecstasy; with the realization that this was -- was everything I had ever wanted. The warmth the soft wet smells of the lingering sweet tobacco. His cock was so hard and so deep into me I though it would not be able to do any further and then I felt something break.

He groaned like a man in agony and began to thrust even harder. I could feel the mixture of our juices and my blood dripping between the folds of my ass and making the fabric of the dress slippery. He went ridged for a moment almost as if he did not want to and then stopped. He shook me and told me to drop to my knees.

I obeyed him.

With my head back against the wall, knelling before him he placed his dripping cock into my mouth. Holding the sides of my head like cradling a child he began to undulate back and forth into my mouth. I could feel the very tip of his cock slamming into the back of my throat over and over again. That far away look on his face, the mouth edged with a smile.

He began to talk about Peter and how he was a fool, how he could never desire me or love me like my father. My father, who knew every inch of his daughter and all of her desires as a child and now as a young woman. My father, who had walked next to me in my steps into womanhood, would give this as well. Peter was a fool when I could be his for the taking and never want again. His legs began to get ridged again and he again told me to stand and move back to the table. He told me that this time I would need to face the table and thrust my ass out to him.

Once I was on the table again, it was then that I began to loose control. I needed his cock inside me. I did not wait for it, I began pushing myself outward to try and force him to fill me again. I needed more; I wanted him in me, in any capacity.

He began to rub my ass and separate the cheeks from each other. I felt his hot tongue tickle my anus and everywhere around it. He held me closely and whispered that I was daddy's girl and only daddy could give me the pleasure I needed. He cooed in my ear again about Peter and then thrust himself so hard into my ass I nearly fainted. He rocked me back and forth for minutes while pressing his palms into my breasts. He told me he was going to come and that I would need to take it from him.

"But daddy, I do not know what to do."

"I will show you everything my baby-girl. You never have to fear the unknown without me by your side.

He pulled me over onto my backside so that my body was full and facing him. He kneeled above me and began to stroke himself. I want you to open your mouth and take what daddy gives you. I want to you swallow it and rub it all over yourself. I love you, and I want to cover you will my love so that you know it is your daddy who can make you feel the full of a man. You know it is I, your daddy who loves you beyond all the others and can make you a woman.

I turned over and watched the hot white liquid pour and shoot from the tip of his cock as he stroked the staff over and over. I wanted it in my mouth again... but he held it at my breasts and began to rub it in to my body telling me over and over again that I was his little girl and that he loved me so much; that I was special and he needed me near.

When we had finished and gone to bed, I dreamt the scenes over and over again until they burned in my mind. Would we do it again, would he love me this way forever? Was this a dream induced by the drugs I had done? Sleep overtook me before too long as the exhaustion set in. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a satiation I had never known before.


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Nice story but not so passionate because if dad daughter do love sex then they do with so passionate and also the pissing part spoil the story so never wrote that again because incest is so sweet and pure love.

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