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Monday, May 27, 2013

my prostitute wife

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This is the story of my wife Rittu whom I got married in1996 she is white complexion tall and fairly attractive her boobs are 36 and her ass is 38. She is innocent and belongs to a middle class f****y we were living a happily married life and as the time passed I somehow got bored of her and then I started visiting prostitutes. I really used to fuck everyday with different prostitutes some were attractive some were ugly some I used to fuck them in their ass.

In the meanwhile when I used to fuck my wife I used to think that I am fucking a prostitute. I used to make her drink whisky and she used to suck my dick and used to take all my cum in her mouth she was really behaving like a prostitute. I used frequent search the internet for new women and one day I saw a ad in search site that a man wants to fuck a wife who had not fucked anyone else other than her husband he was willing to pay a good amount.

I thought why not try with my wife Rittu. I contacted the person and introduced myself. He was a businessman and his name was Inderjit. since I myself was a younger than him. I thought this was a good opportunity, He said that he was staying in parkyroyal hotel in room no.407 and he will wait for me at 8p.m. I told him that I have to convince my wife Rittu to bring her to the hotel. Anyway I reached home and told my wife that a friend of mine had come from Bombay and he has invited us for dinner.

I told her he was my school friend she said she didn’t want to go but when I persisted she agreed. We reached park royal hotel at 8.30.Rittu was wearing a black sarre and she was looking quite attractive. I thought myself that I am taking my wife to fuck someone else to a stranger. I thought we should go back home but my curiosity overtook my emotions. I told Rittu we had go to his room in the hotel.

I rang the doorbell and as the door opened I saw a well built man. He was quite tall but not good looking and little aged than me. I introduced myself and my wife to him he was taking a good look at my wife from head to toe we behaved like we were old friends in school. He ordered three glasses of a black label scotch whiskey from room service as the whiskey came he poured into the glasses but Rittu as a dutifully housewife said she won’t have the whiskey but when I persisted that it was for my friend she agreed.

She had one glass of scotch she was liking the hotel room as she had never been to a five star hotel. Inderjit had put on some music and was also staring my wife. He had put another peg for Rittu and she took it from his hands hands now he was sitting by my wife side and I was sitting opposite them he also poured another peg for me and also for my wife my wife was enjoying the atmosphere not knowing about anything suddenly Inderjit put his hand on my wife laps like teasing her.

Rittu didn’t say anything but she was looking at me I said to Rittu since he is my friend I don’t b*****r. I was also getting hot at this moment watching my wife with another stranger inderjit then put his hands in my wife blouse and squeezing my wife’s tits Rittu was also getting hotter but she was feeling shy of me but when I gave her the permission Rittu immediately started kissing passionately to Inderjit, Inderjit also put his tongue in my wife’s mouth as they were digging each other mouths.

Inderjit then told my wife to remove her sarree so that he can see her While I was sitting on the sofa watching them Rittu took of her black saree and she was wearing black blouse and petticoat she was looking damn sexy and then Rittu took another peg and then came to me and started kissing me. Inderjit got furious and said since he was paying when she had come to me. I told Inderjit that I have still not received the money. Inderjit went to the lock board and took out 50,000 bucks and handed me .

Rittu then asked what all is this about . I told Rittu the entire story that now onwards she is a prostitute and I am her pimp. I took the money and was about to leave the room Rittu stopped me and asked Inderjit to let me stay in the room as she wants her husband to watch them fuck.. Inderjit agreed and then again I seated myself on the sofa. Rittu now took another peg and called Inderjit to her side.

She told him to take off her clothes. Indejit immediately tore off her petticoat and her blouse and squeezed the boobs out of the black bra. He then started licking her tits as Rittu was moaning in pleasure and then Inderjit caught hold of Rittu hair and took out his dick he told her to suck it. Inderjit dick was smaller than mine but since I had taught Rittu the art of sucking she took his dick into her mouth and started blowing him hot Inderjit was moaning with pleasure and then took of my wife panty and her pink pussy was exposed.

He then started licking Rittu pussy and was inserting his tongue into her pussy, Rittu was enjoying the licking and at the same time was also looking at me. I could not do anything rather than look at my wife being enjoyed by another stranger. Inderjit than inserted his dick in my wife pussy as this was the first time another human entered my wife’s body other than me. My wife had now become a prostitute. Indejit than fucked my wife in all the positions and came into my wife pussy at the same time Rittu had also come twice

Now this time as we were about to leave Indejit had called another prostitute she was young and goodlooking. Indejit paid her 10000 bucks and Inderjit had an idea that he wants to see the lesbian show and he wanted that whore to fuck my wife..That whore was also wearing a saree and agreed to it but Rittu was not ready. I convinced Rittu and she agreed. Rittu went to that whore her name was Seema she started kissing her and Rittu boobs was touching Seema boobs.

They took off their sarees and started caressing each other both the whores were enjoying themselves. Seema then started taking off my wife clothes and Rittu was taking off Seema clothes they then both become naked .Inderjit than told both of them to dance naked. Seema then caught hold of my wife’s boobs and started dancing with her .Rittu was also kissing Seema and then they both were exploring each other pussies. Rittu pussy was pinkish and Seema pussy was black. They then both lied in69 position and licking each other pussies.

Seema was using filthy language calling Rittu all sort of names while enjoying her she called Rittu a randi who would fuck matherchod for money. Rittu liked being called names and then she was getting more excited she then pressed her boob against Seema boobs and told Seema to take out her milk she then suckled Seema boobs and to her surprise the milk was flowing from Seema boobs .in fact Seema had deliver a baby few months back and she was lactating..

Rittu boobs were filled with Seema milk and both were rubbing each other. at this time Inderjit got a hard on and went to the bed and put his hard rod in my wife’s pussy. Rittu became more excited and told Inderjit to fuck her hard Inderjit wanted to put his lund in my wife’s ass. Rittu objected but said its okay. Seema then started licking my wife’s gand and Inderjit then stated putting his lund my wife’s gand. Rittu screamed with pain but Seema was kissing my wife.

At this time I also got excited and I took off my clothes and joined the bed. Indejit then told me to put my lund in my wife’s pussy while his lund was in my wife’s gand. I inserted my lund in Rittu pussy and Rittu gave me wicked smile me and Inderjit were both fucking my wife and Rittu wanted more of the two lunds. I didn’t wanted to cum in my wife’s pussy as I have screwed her so many times .i took out my lund and caught hold her of Seema and put my dick in Seema mouth..I told Seema to take all of my cum in her mouth and when

I came Seema gulps every single drop of my cum in her mouth she liked my sperms and told me to fuck her. My lund then became erect and I started fucking Seema while my wife was watching us at this time Inderjit caught Rittu by hair and slapped Rittu and told her to concentrate on their fucking..Rittu then obeyed his command and then started fucking Indrejit hard .Rittu and Inderjit kept on fucking all night in whatever positions they could whole night

Inderjit and Rittu came five times on each other and Rittu was totally exhausted while me and Seema were enjoying ourselves on sofa fucking each other. it was 11 o clock in the morning Rittu got up totally looking like a whore with no clothes on her body she then got her covered herself with bed sheet but then again Inderjit came to her and picked her up and took Rittu to the bathroom.

He again fucked Rittu in the bathroom as I can hear her screaming sounds they fucked each other for 2 hrs and they came out fully satisfied we left the hotel room at 2 o clock in afternoon as Rittu could even not walk properly as all her ass was paining we reached home and fucked each other. Rittu has now become a total randi and I her pimp. Rittu had now become a professional whore as she would visit different clients in different hotels and towns and I would fuck different prostitutes and bring them home when Rittu is satisfying her clients  


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Hot can ur wife cum nd hav sex wid me

U R Such An Asshole u Shithead

WTF! U should b dead 4 doing dis... Motherfucking swine!

Ohh fuck!! My pussy need fuck rite nw!! But I think inderjit is a better fucker than u.. Ur wife pussy must be soared lmfao! I have a dick in my mouth here that's going to fuck me better than u two did lol


lets have fun baby gve me ur cntct no

I think a good idea would be to always get Ritu decked up like the 5 star whore she is and get her fucked sometime by servant types let Ritu suck the villager servant types dick while you should fuck her ass And always tell that servant or paan wallah type to call her chodni raakhel raandi etc.But be sure to have Ritu decked up like a high class prostitute with high heels and well painted. when you fuck her ass and she licks the servant type's lund. And of course dont call her Ritu call her raandi whenever you have hots for her. From your story Ritu is a good cock licker thats seems to be her strength and she will lick cock well especially when fucked from back and when you call her raandi and prostitute. Ritu is a good tongue artist.

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Hey...i fuck U harder and I know U enjoy it..... My dick is 9 inch long and I surly my U a whore..

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